We’re on iOS 4.x and there are a few things that still haven’t been implemented into Apple’s Mobile OS. To this day the built-in Mail client doesn’t have any support for multiple Email Signatures. While you can certainly create multiple email accounts, the default email signature for each of them will still be “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my iPad”, etc. You can change this signature to whatever you want it to say including clever messages like “Sent from my iPhone, typos and all”. However, what you can’t do is assign a different signature to each email account or have a selection of signatures to automatically insert into an email message. I have 5 different email signatures that I use regularly on my MacBook Pro, but have no access to those signatures on my iDevices.

Email Signature Pro Saves the Day

My good friend Sarah K noticed that my signature coming from my iPad 2 was pretty generic and turned me on to Email Signature Pro. Email Signature Pro allows you to create up to six custom signatures complete with not only text, but also your photo, a second custom image, as well as social media icons complete with active hyperlinks. As a matter of fact while all of this is doable on the desktop, it’s so much easier to create these signatures in the App.
Once you create your custom signature(s) you can then launch the app and tap one button to copy any one of your signatures to the clipboard. Then you can switch to Mail or any other App and paste it in. This is handy when replying to an email. However, if you are creating a new email from scratch you can tap the “insert Signature into New Email” button for the signature you want to use and the App will generate a new email (either in the App or using the Mail client-your choice) complete with your custom signature right in the body of the email. You can also export your custom signatures to your desktop/webmail client with images and links.
While the App is really slick and provides all the features I want, I do have a few gripes. First off there is no native iPad support. Don’t worry, the App works just fine on the iPad, but it would be nice to have it in native iPad size. My second and larger gripe is that the App crashes a lot. I have found that when switching screens if you have an image setup and you don’t wait for that image to display the app will almost be assured to crash. Luckily everything is preserved and all you have to do is re-launch it. Also you would probably only see this crash during the creation/editing of your signatures and not during the day-to-day use. I’d really like to see this bug(s) fixed and the App updated to be a lot more stable. My last couple of suggestions to the developer would be to spruce up the social media icons a bit. The colors seem very muted and I’d also like to see a sizing option for the custom graphic. It appears to only support one size and it’s a bit too large for my taste (I know that clients usually say, “make the logo bigger!” However, it’s not always what we want).

Overall Email Signature Pro provides a feature that should be built-in to iOS. Until Apple builds this in I’ll be using Email Signature Pro.

You can get Email Signature Pro for $4.99 here from the .