Lately these days I’m finding that when I need to scan a document it’s more convenient to just snap a photo of it with my iPhone and convert it into a PDF using an App. This allows me to do it just about anywhere as opposed to having to wait til I get home to use one of my document scanners. While it’s easy to take a picture, using an App to finish the process makes for a better “document”. For example, it’s hard to take a picture of a document without your hand being in the way and casting a shadow. You can avoid this by holding your phone at an angle, but then the picture will be at an angle too.

Snap2PDF offers a simple solution

Snap2PDF provides a simple solution to the document scanning process. Snap your picture and then use the guides for the “Rectification” feature of straightening the picture out so that it appears flat and not an angle or distorted. You can also rotate the page if you need to. Optionally you can perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition of 21 languages supported) to convert the picture into searchable text. This is great if you plan to ultimately store this PDF on your computer and want to be able to search for word on the page later. In my case I’m usually scanning receipts or other quick documents to send to people, so I really don’t need the OCR feature. However, it’s nice to have.  At this point you’re ready to file the document in the App or export out a PDF via Email or to the cloud using Dropbox.

It’s Good, but could be  a little better

First of all this I would like to see this (and the other Apps in this category) become a native (Universal) App for iPad as well. After all more and more people are using iPads for business and it seems to be a natural fit for this type of App to take advantage of the iPad 2 having a built-in camera. Next, while Dropbox support is there, it’s not very straight forward on how to set it up and use it. Other than these few tweaks, Snap2PDF is a solid choice.

You can get Snap2PDF for $1.99 here from the iTunes