The iPad is an awesome multimedia consumption device. With a beautiful screen,the iPad is perfect for e learning. Being a photography and Photoshop person, any time I see an App like Photoshop CS5 Crash Course, I take notice. This App, is designed by Kelby Media, and hosted by Matt Kloskowski of the Photoshop Guys( . This App is designed to get anyone brand new to Photoshop up and using the program quickly. It starts with the very basics, and teaches you everything you would need to know to get started and perform basic edits on your photos.

What You’ll Learn

CS5 Crash Course is broken down into 19 different lessons:

  • Introduction
  • The interface and getting around
  • Layers part 1
  • Layers part 2
  • Saving images and file formats
  • Resolution and image size
  • Adjusting brightness
  • Making selections
  • Retouching tools
  • Cropping and straitening
  • Fixing and enhancing color
  • Sharpening
  • Adding text
  • Camera Raw
  • Automating
  • Bridge
  • Printing
  • Customizing Photoshop and preferences
  • Matt Sums it up

Each of the lesson titles is strait forward and describes exactly what you will learn inside. The lessons range in length from 3 ½ minutes, to a little over 10 minutes, making it easy to watch a lesson or two at a time fairly quickly. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised by inside of the App, was an “auto play” feature built in to the lessons. Once you come to the end of one lesson, a count down clock starts, taking you into the next video.

The entire course is designed to be watched from start to finish, however if you’re familiar with Photoshop you can easily pick and choose the lessons that you watch. I chose to watch the course from start to finish even though I’m quite familiar and proficient in Photoshop. There are always things to be learned or different ways to complete the same task inside of the program so even if you are a veteran Photoshop user, don’t discount this App because it’s designed for beginners, it’s for you too.

Follow Along

One of the great things about any training coming from Kelby Media is the ability to follow along with the same images that they are using in the tutorial. No matter if it’s a book or video they always provide a link to download the images. This App is no different. Under the “Course Downloads” tab you are able to email yourself the link to download the zip file on your computer. This is extremely helpful. With anything Photoshop, doing it helps you learn it, and the great folks over at Kelby Media know make this possible for you.

Just the beginning

This App is just the beginning of what is coming from Kelby Media. If you’re not familiar with them visit where you’ll find hundreds of videos on photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and more! Coming soon from Kelby Media is an App that will allow access to ALL of the training courses from Kelby Media to members.


If you are interested in Photoshop, or photography at all you need this App. The instructors at Kelby Media are some of the best in the world to teach this content so you can’t go wrong!

You can get Photoshop CS5 Crash Course for your iPad for $19.99 here from the iTunes