I've gotten this question several times now: "What's that tennis game featured in the screen shot on BestAppSite.com?" Is it Wii Tennis? Sadly no. It's actually called Tennis Slam. Although it's not Wii Tennis, it does feel like it a little while you're playing. Tennis Slam is a Tennis Game for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can play either by using your hand/iPhone as the controller (ala Wii) or you can play by hitting the onscreen button to swing. Although I'm not much of a gamer, I have played Wii Tennis many times and I do find it kinda fun. If nothing else, like most games it gives me a mental break. That being said, I found Tennis Slam to start out with that Wii Tennis feel, but then fall off quickly in both game play and animation. Great sound effects for sure, but after a few minutes I was getting kinda bored. Then I switched to using the on screen button vs. the accelerometer and for whatever reason I was able to score more easily. Even after winning some points though I was ready to move on. Now again, I'm not a gamer! So keep that in mind. If you are a Wii Tennis fan and you do like this sort of game, then this is probably worth a look. 

A couple of things that would have made this game much better. As far as game play goes, I'd love to see the ability to play another human wirelessly via WiFi/Bluetooth. That's what makes Wii so much fun. I'd also like to do more than just swing. Right now the games moves the player around the court for you. I think this is why I got bored so easily because you don't do much other than time your swing. Do I recommend this game. That's a tough question because again it depends on your expectations and what you're looking for. So I would have to say "maybe." As I've said in the past, the focus of BestAppSite.com is to highlight THE BEST Apps on the App store and unless I tried others in this category I couldn't tell you if this is the best or not?

You can get Tennis Slam here from the App Store: Tennis Slam