AroundMe is one of those applications that you simply take for granted. It just works! AroundMe is a location based App that can show you the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theater, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theater, Taxi and even Apple Store. I've been using this App pretty much since day one and I realized that I never really gave it a review. I did review similar apps and I remember back then that someone recommended AroundMe as an alternative. I downloaded it, installed it and have been happy ever since.

AroundMe just got a whole lot better

It's one thing for an App to work as advertised. It also cool that an App has a feature that the rest don't have such as the nearest Apple Store. However, the latest version of AroundMe adds something that just made my day. AroundMe now has the ability to hand over the address of the location you found to the Navigon GPS App for quick turn-by-turn routing. AroundMe has always featured an integrated Map, but now they've taken things up a notch by integrating with my favorite GPS navigation App, Navigon Mobile Navigator.



It works great

You just launch AroundMe and it immediately identifies your current location. Then you just tap a category such as Banks and it will show you the closest banks to your current location.

Once you find the location you want to visit, you can now post that location on Twitter or Facebook, or even better you can ask the App to route you via the built-in Map or even better the Navigon Mobile Navigator App.

There is one slight problem

I happen to have both the North America AND Europe versions of Navigon installed. Apparently they never thought someone would have more than one Navigon app. So no matter what it wants to use the Navigon Europe App. I've contacted Tweakersoft and hopefully they can either detect the proper app the use based on your location or at least let you choose the one you want to use. Once this is resolved, I would happily give it that 5th star.


The Bottom Line

AroundMe is FREE! It works great! Get it!

Also get the Navigon App here.