While traveling on business and in the backseat of a car heading to my hotel from the airport I noticed a billboard on the highway for the iPad. It was Apple’s billboard and like most iPad ads, it featured apps. However, what was a little strange about this particular billboard was that it was hard to figure out what Apple was trying to convey since there was no text. The one image that stood out for me the most was the center one as it featured and old school typewriter. As a matter of fact I don’t even remember what the other two images were as they were so abstract and seemingly unrelated. I pulled out my iPad on the spot and found the App on the App Store. I’m actually old enough to remember typewriters and I had a bit of nostalgia going on so I wanted to play with this app. As I suspected the App simulates a full-blown typewriter experience complete with sound. Tap on screen keys and watch them them strike the “electronic” paper. You can even switch to the “red ribbon” if you want. Fortunately there is no need for whiteout. You can hit the backspace to fix a typo. There are even different keyboard layouts to choose from.

Once you’re finished typing your memo, you can actually email the typewritten document as an image or text anywhere you want or even AirPrint it. If you want to use it in other apps, simply save it to the Camera Roll. The app has built-in document storage and you can grab a clean sheet of paper whenever you want.

I give this App 5 stars simply for the fun factor. I can’t say that I really need “typewritten” documents, but it sure was fun playing with this App and reminiscing my past.