As a fashion photographer I’m more sensitive to nails, accessories, makeup and hair than the average guy. While I don’t necessarily study these things, I do listen to the models and am starting to develop an eye for this aspect of fashion. Recently I came across the App Stylish Nails and could immediately see the benefit to models or anyone else wanting to do a fancy nail job. This Free App does a very nice job of visually showing you not only hundreds of nail designs, but also the step-by-step video tutorials on how to do them yourself!

The nails are organized by category. The videos appear to be streamed into the App via YouTube so this means you’ll need a data connection to watch the tutorials. I was surprised by how detailed the videos were. You can even mark the ones you like as Favorites to be able to get back to them quickly.


If you’re into doing your own nails and want something beyond the French manicure, then you should definitely check out the Stylish Nails App. Even if you aren’t into doing your own, this App would serve as a good reference to take to your professional nail tech to show him/her what you want done. I’d love to see an iPad native version.

Stylish Nails - oz maharshak