The concept behind Diner Jukebox is a simple one. Diner Jukebox turns your iPad into an old style table top jukebox like the ones found in small diners across the US. Of course the difference being that this jukebox is loaded with your music from your iPad's music collection. You can flip through the pages of music sorted by Playlists, Artists, Songs, Playlists or Genre. Of course to get things you going you have to drop in a virtual Quarter by taping the coin slot. Once you do, the display will light up and you'll see all of your music. You can use the onscreen keys to jump to a particular letter of the alphabet as well as pause, play, skip and volume up and down. The app doesn't really add any functionality over your iPad's built-in Music/iPod App, but it is kinda fun to look at and play your music this way.

If you grew up with these diner style jukeboxes then you'll probably want to add this App to your collection.

You can get Diner Jukebox for $0.99 here from the iTunes