Although I don't read books very often, I do love to read magazines when I travel. One of my favorite magazines is Macworld. It's one of the few that I look forward to each month. I have a subscription to the printed version, but I'm excited to see it now on my iPad via the Zinio App. I tried out the Free issue first and now I'm hooked. I'm seriously considering subscribing to this electronic version. One advantage the electronic version would have is that I would't have to wait until I got home to get the latest issues. As soon as its available I could download it no matter where I am in the world and start reading it. 

Navigation and zooming

Navigating the pages is done by swiping and you can pinch to zoom in and out just as you would expect. The screen refresh is really fast and responsive on the iPad. The pages also auto adjust for either portrait and landscape viewing. It also remembers where you left off if you leave the app. Definitely a GREAT experience for reading.

Buy one issue or subscribe

Just like in the printed world, you can use Zinio to buy or try a single issue of a magazine or you can subscribe and have it delivered electronically each time its published. 

There are two things that will keep Zinio from being a total smash hit. One is the number of available titles. They're bringing on more titles all the time, but it may be hard finding some of your favorite magazines. The second and probably bigger problem is the price. As you can see above Zinio charges $6.99 for a single issue of Macworld and $19.97 for a subscription. The subscription price is not bad at all (it's the same as the printed version though), but the single issue price is killer. Keep in mind that there is no printing here, yet they are charging as much as a printed issue. You do get the entire issue including the Ads. But wait, aren't the Ads supposed to pay for the printing? Don't get me wrong, I actually would rather have the exact same layout as I get in print, but you're paying the same price as you would for the printed issue, so it would almost seem that the advertisers are getting a bonus here.  Perhaps they price their advertising accordingly. However, it would be nice to have an option to turn off the ads if you didn't want to see them.

You can get Zinio here from the App Store: Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader


Switch your Macworld subscription over to Digital

I idid a little more research on this topic and as it turns out MacWorld in particular does allow you to convert your existing subscription over from Print to Digital (Zinio). So I'll be doing that for sure! Here's the info from their site: