One of the photographers that inspires me is Moose Peterson. When it comes to wildlife photography, his name is the only one that comes to my mind. Moose also has an amazing skills when it comes to aerial photography. Needless to say I not only have an interest in photography, but I’m always looking to learn more and to be inspired. Moose Peterson’s New BT journal iPad App provides just the learning experience and inspiration that I’m looking for. Moose teaches by stories, videos and of course exceptional photography. This app (magazine) comes with at least 30 minutes of video with each issue as well as great written instruction. You can either buy single issues or subscribe. As a special bonus you get a step-by-step tutorial on how one of the key photographs was finished.

Best of all you can check out the Premiere Issue detailing the wonders of Yosemite in winter for free! If you’re into wildlife, landscapes or aerial photography then you’ll definitely want to check out Moose’s BT Journal.