Lately I’ve been wanting to send people before and after pictures from my iPhone. However, rather than send two separate photos I want to combine them into one. Photo Combine allows you to easily combine two or four photos into a new one. I can’t believe how much I’m using this App. Just yesterday I wanted two Tweet two photos from Photoshop World, but I wanted to tweet just one photo. Photo Combine makes this task so easy. Just launch the App and choose the layout for your two or four photos. Tap the plus signs to add the photos into the layout in the order you want. Then tap the Combine button to create a new combined photo and add it to the Camera Roll. You can also share the new photo via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr directly from the App as well as email directly from the App.

Photo Combine works exactly as advertised and like I said, I’m using it more often that I ever thought I would.

You can get Photo Combine for $0.99 here from the iTunes