Last week I reviewed a similar app called mRelease. The App had all of the promise of allowing a photographer or other artist the ability to create, sign and email Release Forms. As a Photographer I deal with Model Release forms all the time. I have two custom ones that I use personally and a 3rd one that my employer has me use when I do interviews. While I loved the idea of mRelease, the one problem with it is that there was no way to put in your own release/legal copy. While I can probably get by with a generic release most of the time for my personal photography, I can't when it comes to my employer's release. 

Photographers Contract Maker lets you roll your own

A reader of my other review turned me on to this App. It has the one thing that the other App was missing and that is the ability to create CUSTOM RELEASE FORMS. I was able to easy copy and paste each of my release forms into an email message and send them to my iPhone. From there I was able to copy and paste the exact text I needed right into the App creating the 3 separate forms that I needed. I was blown away by the ability to insert "fields" with the text that would automatically pull content from the App such as client name, shoot date, photographer's name, websites, phone numbers, etc. Wow! Just what the doctor ordered. It took me about 15 minutes of tweaking to the get the layouts just the way I wanted them and I had my first test release created. I also love the fact that you can build your client list from your existing contacts on your iPhone/iPod touch. You can even go in on a case by case basis and edit the verbiage. This allows you to customize a release to a specific shoot adding or removing terms. Lastly I was able to sign it and do a test email. It all works!

You can get it here: Photographers Contract Maker

Great, but I want a few more things

While this App is much more useful to me than the one I reviewed last week, there are a couple of things that I would like to see. I loved the fact that mRelease allowed you to include a photo. That was a very nice touch and useful to include things like a photo of their driver's license. I would also like to see a little more text formatting capabilities like "bold text". One of my releases has check boxes to allow the client to choose how they want their retouched photos delivered. So it would be nice to have a couple basic form fields like check boxes and radio buttons. Although the App allows you to sign the form right on your iPhone, there is no "clear" button to start over. You must go back one screen and tap "sign" again. There should either be a clear or a "shake" to clear feature. Lastly the icing on the cake would be allowing for the photographers logo.

Enter or edit your own custom text


If you're going to be a doing a lot of these, you might want to make an investment in a iPhone stylus to make it easier for your clients to sign.


The Bottom Line

Even without adding my requests, this App is a winner! You can't beat the introductory price and it allows me to have the exact release that I'm already used to using! This App is a must have for any photographer or other artist that needs to do release/contract forms!