First my buddy Jason Levine told me about this App and showed it to me on a recent business trip. I thought it was cool then, but got busy and forgot to grab it. Then I saw it recently on my buddy Scott Kelby's blog and was once again reminded to go grab that app. All I can say is WOW! Although I have access to hundreds, if not thousands of special effects in Photoshop, 3rd party filters and plug-ins, there are very few that make me go WOW! Plastic Bullet by Red Giant Software will definitely earn a permanent spot on my iPhone. I just love the kind of effect that it creates especially for my portrait photography.

If you don't like it, just hit the button again

When you fire up Plastic Bullet and then choose a photo, you get four different looks on that photo right off the bat. You can choose one and then just keep cycling through until you get it just right. There are no other buttons, controls, sliders or other interface elements to worry about. So if you're a control freak, this isn't for you. It does what it does and that's it. No more, no less. 

There are a couple of issues and these are the things keeping me from giving it that elusive 5th star. First off, no matter what resolution your photo started out at, the one that Plastic Bullet renders out for you will be maxed out at 600×800 pixels. While that's probably fine for emailing and MMS, I would prefer to keep ALL of my pixels I started with if I chose. They have already promised an update to take care of this. The other one noted by other reviewers is that an many cases this app leans towards blowing out the highlights in an image. I can usually get around this by choosing one of the other results, but since there are no sliders/controls it limits the possibilities. Otherwise, I'm very hooked on this App!

You can get Plastic Bullet here from the App Store for $1.99: Plastic Bullet