The other day I was out with a friend driving around downtown Cincinnati looking for interesting shooting locations. I’ve had an upswing in requests for “grungy” type locations for photo shoots lately so I wanted to find at least a handful of locations so that I could keep the looks of the shoots different. Before We headed out, I decided that there had to be a good way to catalog and remember shooting locations for the iPhone. After a little searching I came across PocketScout. I tried a few other Apps, but none had all of the options or awesome UI that PocketScout had. What really sold me on this App was the extensive amount of information that it’s able to catalog. From Geo location, to sample photos this App has it all!


Entering Your Locations

How many times have you been out and stumbled upon a location that made you wish that you had a person with you to photograph in said space? If you’re anything like me, it happens a lot. I wanted an App that would let me catalog these locations so that I could not only return at a later date, but also sort them by type and name.

Most people (especially photographers) are visual creatures. We remember things best by the way that they look. So accordingly when you launch PocketScout you are presented with the option to either take a photograph of the location or load a saved photograph. This gives you a visual reference of the location to reference when deciding on whether to return or not. Once you load your image, you are presented with a Name and Notes field to fill out. Here you can name your location as well as put in some notes as to what is special about the location. PocketScout automatically geotags the location and enters the address. The next piece of information that is entered is the category. To enter the category however you have to first save the location then “edit” it from the locations menu. You would think that the “category” field would be something that could be entered at the same time as the rest of the information but unfortunately not.

Recalling Locaitons

Now that you have all of your information saved into PocketScout, you can begin to recall locations to go shoot. By default PocketScout has a few notable national locations just for reference. Along with the provided locations, you can see the user generated locations. Tapping on any of the locations will display all of the information fields entered by the user, as well as iPhone App generated information. You will see the name of the location, a map showing the exact spot, your notes, a tab offering to give you directions, and more. Back out on the main screen a filter button in the top left of the screen allows you to sort your saved locations by whatever “tags” you have used.

The Bottom Line

While the process to enter in the “tags” or “categories” for each location is a little non-intuitive, overall this App is the best that I have seen so far for keeping track of your favorite shooting locations. For the price, it’s definitely an App that you can’t afford to not have.

Get PocketScout for the iPhone from the iTunes store for $2.99 here: iTunes