I have reviewed quite a few different portfolio Apps here and even though there are a couple that I use regularly now, I wouldn’t call either one “perfect” so therefore I’m always on the lookout for a new one. Portfolio Pro is the New kid on the block and it made a splashy appearance on the App Store this past Friday. I downloaded it and gave it a spin over the weekend. At this point it’s pretty easy for me to know right off the bat if a portfolio App is going to be a winner or not.

What I like…

Portfolio Pro is customizable and brandable. This means you can easily add your own logo and customize the typeface. There’s a pretty slick screen saver feature that you can designate which photos float by (Ken Burns Effect) when you’re not in a particular gallery. Like most other apps in this category, you can create multiple galleries. You can import from the device’s camera roll/albums, Dropbox (a must for me) or Flickr. You can easily move the images around in the order you want. You can also choose to show or hide the image titles/filenames. I like the fact that you can BATCH import. It seems the fastest of all the ones I’ve tried in importing my images from Dropbox. It’s also nice to have some themes to choose from, yet still be able to customize them to what you want with colors and fonts. The App supports images and movies. You can either flip through the images manually or have it play a slideshow of any of your galleries. Lastly it’s probably one of the easiest to use! Some of these Apps leave me scratching my head on how various features work. However, I had no problem getting up and running in Portfolio Pro within a matter of minutes.

What could be better?…

Although it meets my first criteria in that it can import from Dropbox, it currently lacks the ability to “sync” with dropbox. My workflow is to publish my galleries “Collections” from Lightroom to folders on Dropbox. When I update a Collection in Lightroom and press the Publish button it updates the folder on dropbox adding/removing images as necessary. I would like to see Portfolio Pro “sync” with these folders so that I don’t have to manually import the new images each time and then have to remember which ones should be deleted. Minimal Folio seems to be the only App that I’ve seen so far that does this. The current transition between images is a “Flipshow” and while this is nice, I’d like a simple cross dissolve as an option. I’d also like to see the ability to add music to the slideshows/galleries the way Portfolio for iPad does. Ideally the ability to pick a different song/playlist for each gallery. Lastly, although I show my portfolio most of the time on my iPad, there are times I do whip out my iPhone to show someone a quick image. Once again I’m spoiled by Minimal Folio not only having an iPad version but also an iPhone version. Best of all they sync via Dropbox.

The Bottom Line

Portfolio Pro for iPad has potential and it’s certainly as good as many of the others that are out there. However, it still lacks a few things that keep it from being my top pick. Looking forward to the next feature update to see what gets added. The App that is the easiest to keep up to date with my latest photography will most likely be the one I use the most.