Red Giant Software, the makers of the fantastic Plastic Bullet App are back again with a new App. The new App is Noir Photo. This App allows you to use the photos on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and apply dramatic lighting effects to them as well as convert them to black and white. The controls are very straight forward. First you pick your lighting pattern. Then you can choose the shade of color that you want and lastly you can dial in the angle or use your finger, the intensity and contrast. Once you've completed your masterpiece you can save it back to your camera roll.  The App also features built-in documentation. 

It's simple!

It's almost too simple. After I used the App a few times I was left wanting for more! That's not a bad thing, it just means that the App was so easy to use that I almost felt like I must be missing something. The effects work well and they are what they are. Also unlike other effects apps Noir Photo lets you dial in the numbers. This makes it easy to repeat the same look on different photos. If you like an effect that you've customized you can make it the new default.


The bottom line

It's fast and easy to create lighting effects right on your device. I would have liked to have seen an opacity slider for the effects so that I could blend back in some of the original color. Otherwise, it does what it says.

You can get Noir Photo for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for $2.99 here from the iTunes