It seems like just about everyone has an iPhone these days. Everywhere you turn you see someone texting, chatting, facetiming, and yes, taking pictures with their beloved iDevice. With the awesome camera on these things, along with all of the amazing Apps it seems that everyone is (or thinks) that they’re a photographer. “First kiss” photos from weddings are uploaded, tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagramed before the couple walks back down the isle now. With this increase in the number of photos taken come with an increase in the number of people that want to watermark their images. Whether it’s because they’re afraid that people are going to steal their images and use them without permission, or just because they want to attach their photography information to the image, people enjoy watermarking. The traditional way of watermarking an image is taking it into the computer, loading it into an image editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom, and adding the overlay there. This process takes time and also prevents people from uploading and sharing at the time that the image was taken. Marksta fixes ALL of that. With Marksta you can watermark an image with text OR a graphical overlay right inside of your iPhone or iPad and upload the image immediately!



How Marksta Does What it Does

Marksta is a very unique and well laid out App. Upon launching the App you can provide images to be watermaked in two ways. You can either us the camera function (built into the App) or you can import images from your camera roll/folders. Once the image is imported you simply tap the screen where it says “Tap Here” to display the text.


This brings up a box that allows you to input your information. From here you will either type whatever it is that you want to say on the screen (I used “Jason Lykins Photography”) or you can add a graphic watermark if you already have one saved in your pictures by tapping the small picture icon to the right of the text box. once you have added your text/picture you simply tap the screen to hide the keyboard. From here you can position the watermark wherever you would like on the screen. (A quick tip: if you want to resize your text, while the keyboard is still showing use a pinching motion to increase or decrease the size).


Next we can tap the small painter’s pallet at the bottom of the screen (second from the left) to bring up the opacity sliders for the watermark. Most people don’t like to do in your face full on opacity watermarks, rather they’d like to have about a 35%-50% opacity setting so that you can see it still but it doesn’t take away from your image. Here is where you would go to do that. From this tab you can also change the watermark hue and shade.


The next tab we come are the heavy controls. By this I mean from here you can add a drop shadow to your watermark, you can make the watermark (if text) act as a boarder and go all of the way around your image, you can left, right, and center justify it, as well as a few other specialty options. This is where you would go to really tweak your watermark and how it interacts with your image.


The next important tab is (to me) the coolest thing about this App. The third tab from the right indicated by three small lines is the layers tab. This tab will let you undo or remove certain parts of your watermark. For example, if I added text, then an image, and decided that it looked too cluttered (because it would) I could go and delete just the text and leave the image overlay completely alone. This is cool! It’s non destructive watermarking for your iPhone!

The Bottom Line

If you like to post images to the internet from your iPhone or iPad, and you want to watermark them, there is no better way to do that than with Marksta. About the only thing that I would like to see added is the ability to batch watermark images from my camera roll, but that’s just nitpicking.



You can get Marksta for both the iPad and iPhone for $1.99 from the iTunes store here:     iTunes