Google Chrome is my default browser on the desktop. While I like Safari’s features, I’ve just found Chrome to be more stable for me over the years. The one problem with not using Safari as my default browser is when it comes to having access to my bookmarks on iOS devices. iOS of course syncs bookmarks between iOS devices and the desktop version via iCloud. If there is an important bookmark that I want to have on iOS I’ve found myself in the past launching Safari just to bookmark it. Just the other day I was wishing that Google would make Chrome available as an iOS App. However, with Chrome Sync Pro I don’t have to wait.

Chrome Sync Pro is a Universal App for iOS that syncs your Bookmarks, History and even currently open Tabs from your desktop version of Chrome to iOS. I installed the App on my iPhone and then the browser extension in Chrome on my Mac. Once I relaunched the App it was all there. My bookmarks, browsing history and even the two tabs that where currently open on my MacBook Pro. When you tap on a bookmark it will either open in Safari or if you have multiple browsers (I have iCab too) it will ask you which browser do you want to be your default?

The Bottom Line

This is a GREAT way of always having your current bookmarks, history and tabs from Google Chrome on your iOS devices. I do wish that the App would actually sync them directly to Safari on iOS, but I can certainly live with the current implementation of having them live within the App. If Google Chrome is your default browswer, you’re gonna want this App. I have to thank my colleague Paul Trani for turning me on to this app.