DataViz has long been in the business of allow you to take your documents with you on your mobile devices. So when Apple opened the iPhone and iPod touch up to third party developers, all Office document creators turned their eyes towards DavaViz in hopes that they would bring their Documents To Go product to the iPhone platform. Of course they did, and they did it in a good way. As much as I try to avoid MS Office documents as much as possible they are a part of the business world. I do get documents that I need to edit and provide feedback on. Just the other day a partner sent me a spreadsheet with speaking slots for Photoshop World and I needed to pick a time and add my name to it. Now I can do all of that directly from my iPhone.

Documents To Go Premium does it all

I don't expect the full blown Office Suite in my iPhone. However, I do expect to be able to do the basics and that is view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Documents To Go does that with ease, but Documents To Go Premium takes it up a notch by allowing you to do this with email attachments! Think about it! When I got that Excel document I needed to edit. He emailed it to me. So since 3rd Party Apps can't directly access those email attachments I would have had to wait til I got back to my computer anyway. However, the Premium version allows you to access your Exchange or Gmail account directly within the App and therefore allows you to get at those attachments to edit.

Documents To Go® Premium


I had no problem connecting to my work Exchange server and seeing all of my attachments.


In this case I was able to edit the Excel file right on my iPhone.


Documents to Go even lets you create a New Office document from scratch and then send it out.


I was impressed with not only the ease of editing, but also the formatting options.



The Bottom Line

Documents to Go gives you the complete workflow of creating, editing and viewing Office documents on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can create a new document from scratch, save it and then email it. You can get Documents To Go for only $9.99 and create, edit and view Office documents. However, this will require that you put those documents on your iPhone or iPod touch via the Desktop App which does sync over WiFi. While that's cool, it really doesn't do much for me. The real way to go is to do this with the Documents To Go Premium version for $14.99 and do it all right from the iPhone via the MS Exchange and Gmail support! That's worth the extra $5 for me!