There seems to be no shortage of uses for the iPad. Many deem it to be a content consumption device more than a content creation device and I typically agree. However, I’m finding myself doing more creating with it than I did two years ago. This is due largely in part to the increase in really great iPad Apps. Yesterday I finally got around to putting some items on eBay that I’d been wanting to sell for a while. Rather than set these auctions up on my Mac, I decided to see if I could do the whole process on the iPad and the answer was YES! On the Mac I use an application from Iwascoding called GarageSale. They released an iPad version and although I bought it a while ago, I never really used it to do an auction. I was always gun shy that I would run into some limitation and end up completing the process on my computer. Since I had a little more time than usual, I decided to try it.

GarageSale HD eases the pain of creating an eBay Auction

When you create an eBay auction you want to have good images, a good description and a good looking HTML listing that stands out more than the next guy selling the same thing. GarageSale on the Mac sold me because it had great templates to make the auctions “pretty”. GarageSaleHD also has great templates and walks you through the whole process. You start with the title/sub title of your auction. Then you insert your photos. The App will allow you to upload up to 5 photos using their hosting service for free OR you can use eBay’s hosting for a fee. You can grab the images from your iPad camera, albums or Dropbox. Since I had already photographed my item and processed the images with Adobe Lightroom, I simply grabbed the JPG files from my Dropbox folder. This process was a little tedious because you can’t import multiple images at once and you have to navigate to where the images are each time if they are not in your root Dropbox folder. Once the images are in then you choose your categories and other eBay items such as New or used, model number, etc. Next you right your description and this is probably the hardest thing to do with the on screen keyboard. Luckily I have this nifty Logitech Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Cover (that totally rocks), so writing my description was a breeze. Next you set your buying/shipping options. Lastly you preview your Auction right in the App and choose any template you want. There are some nice ones built-in, but if you get bored with those you can buy more via an in-app purchase option. Start your auction!


The Bottom Line

GarageSale HD is the BEST APP for creating eBay auctions because it’s easy and well designed. These guys have been at it for a while on the desktop side too. Speaking of which you can send your auction over to the desktop version if you wish to perhaps do more. The only thing I found lacking was not having the ability to put a hyperlink to a page in my description. It would have also been nice to have more image hosting options such as choosing the images from your own web site/server. Lastly eBay is getting smarter about pulling in the manufacture specs for your item if you have the UPC code. It would be awesome if GarageSale HD included a UPC bar code scanner to add this to your listing. If you sell on eBay this is your App!

You can see my GarageSale HD generated auction here (for as long as it’s available on eBay)