I love my Fujitsu ScanSnap that sits on my desk in my office, but more often than not I need to scan documents on the go and when I’m traveling. That’s when my iPhone and iPad comes in. Each of my mobile devices has a camera and sure you can take a picture of just about anything including documents. So why do you need a scanning App? The camera takes a picture at whatever angle you’re at and it’s often hard to get right on top of the document to get a perfect shot. Scanning Apps take that not so perfect picture and straighten the document out, get rid of the distortion and make it fit to a standard paper size. My scanning App of choice is Scanner Pro by Reedle. It’s a paid App. Recently they released this FREE version called Scanner Mini and I decided to check it out to potentially recommend it to my budget conscious friends.

Scanner Mini performs, but is bare bones

What you get with Scanner Mini is the great document recognition features that clean your scans up and make them look like “documents” instead of photos. However, once you’ve got that great looking scan sitting on your device you’re pretty much stuck there until you get back to your computer to transfer it via a USB cable or WiFi via WebDAV. That’s right. In the free version there are no sharing abilities, not even email. Now this is probably fine for the ones scanning documents for themselves. If you are a business traveler needing to scan receipts as you go and then do an expense report when you get back to your Mac or PC, this App will be great. However, if you need to email someone a PDF while you’re still on the go you’re going to need to upgrade to the Pro version.

While I want to rate this App higher, I can’t because of the limited ways of getting the scans out of it. If you’re serious about scanning from your iPhone or iPad, then you should probably just go ahead and get Scanner Pro.