I use Contact Groups all the time on my computer for both work and personal correspondence. It’s much easier sending an email to “The Team” than it is to add each individual team member to every new email. While Apple does allow you to sync groups from your desktop Mac or PC to your iDevices, it doesn’t really allow you to use those groups very much on the device itself. For example, one of my requests for years has been “give us the ability to assign ringtones to groups.” While that’s something that everyone may not find useful, I would argue that anyone that has groups would definitely want the ability to email to those groups from time to time. Yet we’re in iOS 5 and still don’t have the ability to email to a group of contacts. To make matters worse if you don’t have a computer, let’s say you’re “PC Free” as Apple likes to tout iOS 5, then you can’t even create or edit groups on your iDevice at all.

Mailshot Pro let’s you create groups and email to them

I have to give credit to my friend Linda S. for turning me on to this App. I almost didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. The App is very simple. You can create your groups within the App manually by selecting your contacts and their email address that you want to send to with the group (if they only have one email address then it will just add them). You can also import contacts from your existing groups to save time. Your new Mailshot Pro group will be added to your Contacts as a single entry. Now you can fire up Mail and just address the new email to that new Contact (group) and once you send it, it will send the email to everyone in the group! This special contact should work in all of your Apps with the exception of email directly from the Contacts App in iOS.

There’s more: You can even use Siri to send to this group because it’s a Contact. Also since your group is a “Contact” it gets sync’d with iCloud across all your devices.

The Bottom Line

If Apple wants to truly go “PC Free” then they need to remove the last few PC only features from iOS such as working with Groups and creating custom ringtones. There are still some things that can only be done if you have a computer. I’m glad to see an App like Mailshot Pro fill in the slack in the meantime.

You can get Mailshot Pro for $3.99 as a Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch here from the iTunes