As a presenter one of my biggest challenges is staying on time. However, it's more than just staying on time it really boils down to knowing how much time is left. While I can certainly have a clock on stage and even a timer, it's difficult for me to manage my time that way. When I'm in the groove of presenting, my brain can't do the math of "how much time do I have left?" It's great when someone can be assigned to give me a 5 or 10 minute warning, but I don't always have the luxury. So having an App that can not only manage my time for the entire presentation, but do so for each section and do it visually is a huge plus.

Timer With Sections helps keep me on time

One of my colleagues pointed me to this App and I've used it ever since. You set the App up by creating a new "Performance" then you can go in and create all of the different sections for your performance. You can assign each section a block of time and decide whether or not those sections are "Expandable" or "Shrinkable". Of course you can also turn on an alarm for each section so that you know when it's time to move on. The App works as advertised.

Get it here from the Timer

It's good, but it could be so much better

Like I said the App works as advertised and I have used it several times successfully. However, it could really be great if the developer would add a few more things.

For example, I stated that I like a 5 or 10 minute warning. Sometimes both. I would be great to be able to set these as separate alarms for each section with different sounds. This way without even looking I would no how much time I had left with audible warnings and the final alarm sound would mean "time's up!" I'd also like to see an option to keep the display on.

Your iPhone or iPod will go to sleep with the app running. While the App does continue to run, you no longer see the nice visuals once your device goes to sleep. It would also be great to have Push Notifications. This way even if it went to sleep, I could still be alerted that my time is almost up.

Lastly the app needs a few more controls. For example, I would like to see a "next" button. In other words a section didn't take as long as I scheduled it to, so I'd like to go to the next section AND move that remaining time to it. I'd also like more flexibility over pausing and adjusting the expandable/shrinkable slots. Although I ultimately want to stay within my given time slot, some sections will go long and some will be short. I need to be able to adjust on the fly more easily than the app does currently.


The Bottom Line

This App does what it does and I do like it. However, having used it a few times it just makes me want a few more things before I could rate it higher. If you're a presenter, it's worth a download.