I've been on this single purpose App kick lately. It hasn't been intentional, I have just gone looking for Apps with a single purpose in mind and have found Apps that have been designed with JUST that purpose in mind. The thing is, they do it well! This is what you should expect from an App that only claims to do one thing though. It should do that one thing really, really well. Such is the case with WhatTheFont. I saw a really cool advertisement the other day and I liked the font so much that I wanted to save it in my list of fonts for future projects. The problem was, I had no idea what font it was. Too the App store! I started searching for font recognition Apps in the App store and immediately came across WhatTheFont. It had great reviews, nice looking screen captures, and was FREE. Not just a few free uses then you have to buy more in App "credits" (which is common by the way) but totally free. So read on and check out how it works.


Performing Magic…. Kind of

Ok so it's not really magic but if you've ever scoured font lists looking for that font that you saw it will sure feel like magic. To start you either take a photo from your library or take a photograph with the App of whatever word it is that you want to know the font of.  You don't have to fill the frame with the word but the bigger the better. The App then asks you to place a crop around the word that you would like to identify (in my example above you can see that there are plenty of different fonts going on in this picture so dragging a box around the word is important). Once you do this it separates the letters of that particular word into individual squares and gives you the opportunity to correct any letters that it may have guessed wrong.

As you can see it guessed that B was D. A simple correction in the box to the right and you're all set. From this point WhatTheFont uploads your letters to its database to search for a match. Usually what it comes back with is a few different options that are similar. It shows you the word in each font for you to choose.

So now you have your font list. From this point you can select one that looks right and see the entire font family,  forward it via email or select start over.

Do One Thing Well

This App does one thing, and one thing only but it does it really, really well. I haven't found a Font yet that it hasn't identified, but I'm not going to say that there isn't anything that can't fool it. Nothing is perfect. For the great price of FREE you can't go wrong with this App. If you've ever looked at an advertisement, or word and thought "what's that font" this is the perfect App for you.


You can get WhatTheFont from the iTunes store for FREE here: iTunes