I've been going to Photoshop World since the very first one in Orlando. Over the years I've always tried to make it to the classes of other instructors when time permits, but I must admit that I don't always plan accordingly and often miss out on some great classes. One of the things I've been asking for was a native iPhone App to allow me to not only have the entire conference schedule in my hand, but to also allow me to plan my schedule right in the App. Today that dream has come true!

The NEW Photoshop World App is a MUST HAVE for any attendee

This was exactly what I was hoping for! The Photoshop World App is very well designed. Not only does it allow me to see the list of classes on the conference track and Expo show floor, but it also let's me see the classes by instructor. This is great because it allows me to quickly find the classes that I want to take. While a list of classes and even a list by instructor would be expected in this kind of App, the developer took it up a notch by allowing to you see "YOUR schedule" and any open time slots you have. If you see an empty time slot on your schedule via the "My Schedule" view you can tap to see which classes are going on during that time and simply add them. The App also adds the major activities such as the Keynote to your schedule by default to save you time. You can of course delete them if you don't want to attend. 

Photoshop World



See your schedule at a glance and tap to fill in any empty time slots with available classes during that time.



You can also see a list of the exhibitors in the Expo Hall. Once you see an exhibitor you're interested in you can tap to see a description of what that vendor offers.

There's even a nice Social Networking tie in that allows you to follow the Photoshop World blog and Twitter feed right from within the app!


The Bottom Line

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and you're going to Photoshop World there is simply NO reason not to have this App! This is a great example on how a conference App should be designed. It's a must download. It's FREE, go get it now!