There are several ways to make ringtones for your iPhone not the least being right in iTunes on your computer. However, there are those of you that may want to make them while you're in the moment directly on your iPhone. This is what Ringtone Designer Pro allows you to do. While this App does let you make your own ringtones the process to actually get it on your iPhone is a little convoluted. This is not the fault of the developer as much as it is what Apple allows or in this case doesn't allow you to do in the App SDK. In other words Apple doesn't allow direct access to any developer to put ringtones directly on the iPhone. This means that after you create the ringtone you have to copy it to your computer to then copy it back to your iPhone via iTunes so that it appears as a legitimate ringtone. 

It may be faster this way

Although this process seems like a bunch of steps, it's still a little faster than most other methods. You just fire up the App, choose a song, choose the area of the song that you want to be the ringtone (up to 30 seconds worth) and then tap Save. That's all you have to do on the iPhone. Now you plug the iPhone into your computer/iTunes and save the ringtone to your computer. At this point you can just drag it (the ringtone) back into iTunes or double click on it and it will appear in your Ringtones section. Sync and it's on your iPhone as a ringtone to choose in the Sound preferences.


The Bottom Line

Although I wish that you could just put the ringtones you make directly into the ringtone section of your iPhone from the App, I do appreciate how simple the interface is for this App and that it works as advertised. I did get an unexplained error on one of the songs (I wonder if it's a DRM thing) I tried to convert and it did crash on me once. So there is some tightening up still to do with this App.


You can get Ringtone Designer Pro here from the Ringtone