All my iPad toting photographer buddies have been looking for a solution to allow them to shoot wirelessly from their camera/DSLR to their iPads. The obvious benefit is seeing your photography instantly on the nice large iPad display. Also with the iPad you have several image editing apps to choose from as well as image sharing options. Yep, the iPad is great tool for photographers, but it’s not a great camera. If you already have a great camera, this App let’s you tie them together!


Wirelessly transmit images to your iOS Device

Shuttersnitch is not really tied to any one solution or camera manufacturer. It has built-in support for FTP (which many of the wireless solutions use). It also has built-in support for Eye-Fi WiFi SD memory cards. In order for this solution to work your iPad has to be on a WiFi network. Typically you would want your wireless transmitting device to be on the same network. The iPad doesn’t have the ability to create an AdHoc network, so that means that you either have to have access to a WiFi hotspot or your transmitting device has to be able to create an Adhoc network. Currently Eye-Fi cards don’t do that yet. You could probably use your iPhone’s (or other phone’s) mobile hotspot feature too!


Working with an EyeFi Card

I did a review of this solution today. Check it out here for all the details.

Here’s a video on it working in real-time:


You can get an Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB card here on sale.


What can you do once you get the images into the App

The App is nicely done allowing you to create collections to organze your images in either before or after you shoot. You can import RAW files too (provided they have a compatible JPG preview). Once you have images in the App you can then zoom/pan them as well as email them out directly from the App. You can also save them to the camera roll for later downloading and access by all your other Apps. The App displays important EXIF info like ISO, shutter speed, aperture and camera file name. You can Crop as well as tag images with Star ratings (great for client review while you’re shooting).  There are other nice touches like the ability to change the thumbnail size and to run a slideshow. Clearly this App was designed with photographers in mind.


What’s wrong with it?

Actually nothing is wrong. The App works as advertised. The only problem I had was finding clear instructions on how to setup my Eye-Fi card to work with it. While the App displays an info box telling one thing to turn off in the Eye-Fi setup, it doesn’t provide you with the steps you need to actually setup the card. After some digging on the forums of the developer site I found an FAQ walkthrough that answered my questions. The developer needs to take a few minutes and turn that FAQ into a real set of instructions with screen shots of what to set and how in the Eye-Fi control panel. Lastly, Wi-Fi is GREAT! However, I wondering if there would be a use for bluetooth transfers. The problem would likely be on the end of the device transmitting the images, but it would be nice to see something more direct as opposed to having to use a mobile hotspot or WiFi network. Not a ding of the App, just more wishful thinking.

The App is not cheap, but if you need to do this then it’s a bargain!

You can get Shuttersnitch here from the iTunes.