As you know here at Best App Site we don’t review just any old App. In order to make it here it has to be one of the BEST Apps on the App Store. We’ve seen and reviewed hundreds of great Apps in 2012, but now it’s time to pick the BEST of the BEST! Erik Bernskiold, Jason Lykins and myself have narrowed down our favorites to provide this list of what we feel were the 100 BEST APPS of 2012!





Automilez is my favorite Mileage Tracking App for tax purposes. It not only can use your odometer reading, but also track you via GPS so that you see the route you took as well as the miles you drove. It will make tax time this year that much easier.

Automilez - Mobile GPS Mileage Logging - RED Method, Inc.



Facebook Pages Manager


If you have a Facebook Fan Page or two this is the App for you. It lets you do more than the standard Facebook App and most importantly let’s you comment and respond to direct messages. It lets me stay in touch with my Facebook fans easier.

Facebook Pages Manager - Facebook, Inc.




A friend of mine wanted to do invoices on her iPhone. I looked for an App to recommend. I found Inovice2go to be the best in terms of features and customization options. I use it myself now and love it.

Get it for iPhone Invoice2go -

Get it for iPad Invoice2go for iPad -




Parkmobile is an App that lets you pay for your parking without having to scrounge around for change or pull out a credit card. I’m seeing more and more meters in my area supporting this payment system. It’s fast, easy and convenient. Not to mention getting receipts for your parking is great for expense/taxes time.

Parkmobile - Parkmobile USA, Inc.