How to Switch your AT&T iPad Unlimited Plan to your New iPad 2

If you were one of the lucky ones to snag a 3G iPad 2 and you were also one of the lucky ones to snag an AT&T Unlimited Data Plan with your original iPad, chances are you're going to want to move that Unlimited Data Plan over to your NEW iPad 2. Here's how:

  1. Fire up your original iPad and go to Settings-Cellular Data and tap View Account – Log in with your email and password for your AT&T account
  2. Note the Cellular Data Number (your iPad's phone number)
  3. Then go to the Settings ->General->About screen and jot down your IMEI number
  4. After you get your NEW iPad 2 all setup go to the Settings ->General->About screen and jot down both your NEW IMEI number AND your ICCID (MicroSIM card) Number
  5. Call 1-800-331-0500 and wade through the prompts (press zero) to speak to an AT&T rep
  6. Explain that you want to move over your iPad Unlimited Plan to your NEW iPad 2.
  7. They will ask for you to verify your account address and then ask you for the information above from your NEW iPad 2.
  8. After they are done moving the account over, turn off your iPad completely and boot it back up. You should then do a test by turning OFF WiFi and trying to connect to the internet via your 3G connection. Done!



You can do it yourself

AT&T has put up this page allow you to update your device information via the web (Thanks Jack for the link).


They warn against just swapping MicroSIM cards!


Skype Brings 3G Video Calling to the Masses

Just as we are closing out the year and picking our BEST Apps of 2010, Skype slides an update in just in time. Skype is known for allowing people to voice chat and video chat around the globe for free! That's right. If you have a Skype account and I have a Skype account we can talk for as long as we want over the internet for free. They even added video chatting from Skype to Skype as well. The only thing that was really missing from this was allowing people to video chat on mobile devices such as the shinny new iPhone 4 with its front facing camera. That update just hit the scene this week and I had a chance to check it out. While I love the quality of Apple's FaceTime (it was one of my main reasons for upgrading to an iPhone 4), the thing that keeps me from using it more often is that you have to be on a WiFi connection to use it. There are plenty of times where I'm in transit that I would do a quick FaceTime call if I could. Now I can with Skype!

Skype Video Calling works over 3G too

This is the big thing that separates Skype from Apple's FaceTime. Skype allows video chatting over WiFi or 3G, from iDevice to iDevice or iDevice to Mac or PC. Although Apple did bring out a FaceTime desktop client for Mac (still in beta), there's no hint of a Windows version. However, there are millions of uses using Skype every day on both Mac and PC that you'll now not only be able to talk with, but also video chat with. I did a quick test with my sister and we connected immediately. Then I tested it with Jason Lykins. I purposely turned off WiFi to see it work over 3G. There's no question that FaceTime's video quality is better and you would expect it to be since it requires WiFi. With that said I found the Skype quality to be totally acceptable over 3G (YMMV). What was more important to me was the voice quality while video chatting. I know that sounds weird at first, but what good is any call if you can't hear each other? Skype did the right thing by focusing on voice quality first and video second. This combination works well. You get all the usual things that you would expect. If you're using an iPhone 4 or 4th gen iPod touch you can toggle between the front camera, rear camera or no camera. If you're on an iPhone 3GS you can use the rear camera. If you're on an iPad you can see the other person and as soon as iPad's have built-in cameras I'm sure that Skype (OK, I'm hoping they will) will come out with an iPad native version.


The lack of One more thing…

Although I'm very happy to see this Skype update and I'd recommend it to any Skype user or person that wants to stay in touch while on the go, there is one thing still missing from this update! All of my other VoIP apps support Bluetooth headsets and that support still seems to be missing from Skype. I don't know what it is about them adding this basic feature since all the other apps I use have it, yet it's still not there. Otherwise, Skype away! This update rocks!

You can get Skype for free here from the Skype - Skype Software S.a.r.l


DataMan Helps You Monitor & Geotag Your iPhone Data Usage

Most of us iPhone old-timers in the US were grandfathered in to AT&T's Unlimited Data Plans. However, for new subscribers those data plans are gone. You now have to choose between a 200MB/month ($15/month) or 2GB/month data plan ($25/month). Of course if you're on a limited data plan here in the states or abroad you're going to also want to know when you're reaching your limits. There are a few different ways of checking your data use if you're on AT&T. You can *3282# from your iPhone and you'll get back an SMS displaying your current month's data usage. AT&T also provides an App to check your account information and usage. While these methods work, they require you to actually remember to check manually. DataMan is a neat little App that provides you more real-time data usage information while running in the background under iOS 4. Best of all you can set your own usage monitors and alarms. You can set a daily, weekly and monthly threshold for how much data you want to use and then be alerted to the fact that you're about to go over or have gone over your own preset allowance. The App does something that the AT&T methods don't and that is it not only tracks both 3G AND WiFi usage, but it even geotags where you were using the data. This key for travelers that want to data roam. 

Do I need unlimited data?

If you're on an unlimited plan it's probably easy for you to dismiss this App. However, this app will help you answer the question "do I need unlimited data?" AT&T does offer a cheaper DataPlus plan that's limited to 200MB of data a month. I would dare say that there are a lot of people out there that could get by on this plan and save money. With DataMan you could track your usage on both 3G and WiFi for a couple of months to determine whether or not you really use more than 200MB or 2GB's of data each month?

A couple of Warnings! This App REQUIRES iOS 4! So if you're not running iOS 4 it may not even show up in the App Store as a download for you. Secondly, the App DOES need to run in the background in order to track your usage. You will notice that the Location indicator in the upper right corner is ALWAYS active. I asked the developer about battery life impact running Location Services all the time and he assured me that his App was using the new low power option in iOS 4 that only checks the location when you change cell towers. He claims to easily 30 hours of battery life between charges. I too have not seen any significant change in battery life on my iPhone 4 since running the App. YMMV!

You can get DataMan here from the DataMan