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Analytics App: Tracking Website Stats On The Go

Analytics App As a web designer and developer, tracking both my own and client websites is very important to me. The app that I have found pleases me in this area is Analytics App which ties right into Google Analytics (my tracker of choice) and is available for both the iPhone and iPad. The interface on the app is pretty similar on the iPhone and the iPad with the main difference being the larger resolution on the iPad allowing for a larger interface. Generally I like the interface although feel sometimes that it could be improved on to feel more modern. Right now it is a cross between a modern iPhone app and a not-so-nice app. iPhone :Analytics iPad: Analytics (not a universal app) (more…)


8 Business Apps That Keeps My World Spinning

In my daily work as a web designer and educator I use a few apps to help me stay in the loop. Whether it is keeping track of projects and billing, doing a presentation or getting files from my local computer, these are some of the apps that I use.

Daylite Touch

Daylite TouchSince I use the Daylite application on the Mac, I use Daylite Touch on my iPhone. This is all project and customer relationship management (CRM) based. Daylite keeps notes and informations on all projects and leads (opportunities) that I have going on and shows me the exact status of them as well as stores tasks and appointments in the Daylite calendar.

The application itself is free from the App Store but requires a Daylite Touch license to work from Marketcircle and requires syncing with the computer application.


PayPalMost payments into my company are done through PayPal and being able to check my account status from anywhere on the iPhone is a big plus for me. Even though I rarely use it for transactions itself, you can both request and send money through the app.

PayPal is available for free on the App Store.