Black Friday

TGI Black Friday 2015

The Only Black Friday App You’ll Need


Each year I typically rely on two to three Black Friday Apps to check out the deals. However, this is “BEST” App Site, not best three app site. So I decided to act as if I could only have one Black Friday app installed on my devices and it turns out that TGI Black Friday 2014 was my favorite choice for Best Black Friday App. It won me over based on the overall look and feel of the app. An integrated search feature and the fact that it’s a Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can look at the store ads. You can browse by category or if you’ve got your heart set on specific items you can search for them to see if anyone has them on sale or who has them at the best price. Once you see something you like you can add it to your shopping list in the app. There are also coupons and push notifications.


Don’t wait, download the TGI Black Friday App here from the iTunes.

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Black Friday 2015 Ads App -

3 Black Friday Apps You Should Have


Yes it’s that time of year again. That time of year that we give thanks on Thursday and some are willing to trample others to save a few bucks on Friday. Honestly I try to avoid going out on Black Friday as much as possible. However, I enjoy a good deal as much as the next person. So rather than try to comb through the newspaper on Thanksgiving over rely on emails from businesses I’ve done business with in the past, I love having all the best deals in the palm of my hand. You could probably get by with any of these Black Friday Apps, but I thought I’d share my pick for the 3 best ones based on the amount of deals they have, ease of use and feature set.


Black Friday 2013 Ads App


This App is for iPhone and iPod touch only and doesn’t have an iPad version. It’s also not the prettiest of the bunch. It’s mostly text based, but that keeps the app running fast and lets you easily see exactly what you want with out too many graphics. The 1st screen is a news screen that is constantly updated with any late breaking deals. Once you go to the Stores tab you can drill down on a particular store and see the actual ads for given products or deals. You can also search deals by category instead of going store by store which is nice. Once you find the deals you want you can add them to a shopping list right in the app. You can also enter an email address if you like to be alerted for late breaking deals.

You can get it here iTunes.


Black Friday Shopping


This app is much more visual. You’ll see the actual store ads right off the bat as well as store logos. You can browse by ads, by stores or by deals. There’s a news section and a search feature. Also this is a Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Not really any other bells and whistles. Just a clean UI and fast loading.

You can get it here iTunes.


TGI Black Friday


This is also a Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch and IPad. Like the 1st App TGI Black Friday allows you to browse by featured deals, stores or categories and you can add deals to a list. However, it’s more visually appealing than the 1st one. It has a few nice touches such as store open times (even the ones that will be open Thanksgiving – sheesh). Of the 3 I kinda like this one best. Again you can’t go wrong with any of them as they operate as advertised, but I really like the feel of this one.

You can get it here iTunes


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


NAVIGON North America

Black Friday Deals on iPhone and iPad Apps

It’s Black Friday and therefore some App Developers are also having sales on their Apps. Here are a few to start with and I’ll update this post with more as I discover them, so come back to this page throughout the day to see what’s new.


Garmin (formally Navigon) GPS Apps

Navigon North America (the one that Terry Uses)

$29.99 ($30 off)
NAVIGON North America - Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH

Navigon is having a ONE DAY Sale today on their My Region Navigation Apps. Normally they are $24.99, however today they are only $14.99 each today!

Now you can get: MyRegion US East – covering: (AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA, ME, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, Ri, SC, TN, VT, VA, WV) On Sale for $14.99

MyRegion US Central – covering: (AL, AR, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NE, NM, ND, OH, OK, SD, TN, TX, WI, WY) On Sale for $14.99

MyRegion US West – covering: (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY) On Sale for $14.99


Reedle Apps on Sale


PDF Expert for iPad $9.99 -> $4.99 (one of my favorite PDF apps for iPad)

Scanner Pro (universal) $6.99 -> $1.99

Calendars (universal) $6.99 -> $1.99

Printer Pro for iPad $6.99 -> $1.99

Printer Pro for iPhone $4.99 -> $1.99

Remarks (iPad) $4.99 -> $1.99

ReaddleDocs for iPad $4.99 -> $1.99

PDF Converter for iPad $6.99 -> $1.99

ReaddleDocs for iPhone $4.99 -> $1.99

Shakespeare Pro (universal) $9.99 -> $1.99

FREEBIE: PDF Expert for iPhone ($9.99 -> FREE)


1Password Pro 30% off (my password manager of choice)



Documents To Go Premium 40% Off!



Get 20% off ANYTHING from the App Store or iTunes

Well this is technically true. Best Buy is selling the $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80. That means that you are saving 20% and therefore saving 20% on ANYTHING you buy from iTunes, the App Store or Mac App Store. Check it out here.

I find these iTunes Gift Card Sales to be the cheapest way to buy content from the App Store and I always buy a couple when they are on sale.

TGI Black Friday 2015

3 Must Have Black Friday Apps

It’s that time of year again. This coming Friday many Americans will head out to the malls, stores and shop online for traditional Black Friday deals. Although I’m not the type that goes out on Friday morning and wait in lines, I do appreciate a good deal just like anyone else. This is why I just pull out my iPhone and check the deals there. When I first started reviewing Black Friday Apps there were only a couple. Now there are several choices on the App Store. I could just pick one (the best one) and recommend it here, but I decided to give you three choices this year. I like each one and each one has a feature or two that the other one doesn’t have. It’s also nice to be able to compare deals between them to make sure that you’re truly finding all the deals and the best deals for what you’re shopping for.

First up and probably my favorite is “TGI Black Friday”


I like this one because the home page of the App has both a Popular Deals and Newest Deal section that’s easy on the eyes. In addition to shopping by stores or categories you can also make a shopping list within the App. Universal App for iPhone/iPad.

Next up is Black Friday Fat Wallet

This is another great choice with an easy layout/UI. You can find deals by store or category as well and searching for specific products. This is a no frills kind of App, but it gets the job done. This is also a Universal App for iPhone and iPad.


Lastly there’s Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday news also does a good job of keeping up with the latest news and it also incorporates a shopping list feature. However, it’s not a Universal App and therefore you’ll not want this one if you’re an iPad user.


Black Friday Apps and App Deals

It's that time of year again where we look for the hottest deals on Black Friday. The good news is that there are several electronic sources to help you find both the hottest local deals as well as online deals. One of my favorite sites for finding deals all year long is  Naturally it makes sense that they'd be tracking all the hottest Black Friday deals too. However, if you have an iOS Device you don't have to rely on their website. You can download their free App right here from the iTunes


TGI Black Friday

Although I like DealNews it's not the only game in town. TGI Black Friday is another hot App for Finding Black Friday deals and you can get it here for FREE from the iTunes


Apps on Sale for Black Friday

Kelby Media Group Apps on Sale iTunes

Our Favorite Readdle Apps are 30-60% Off  Readdle

Solitaire Spin HD for $0.99

Castle Clout HD for $0.99

Learn 101 Cocktails Now! $0.99

Play and Learn French $0.99

Play and Learn French HD $1.99

Kid Science: Amazing Human Body $0.99

Kid Science: Biology Experiments $0.99

Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments $0.99

Kid Science: Frog Dissection $0.99

Kid Science: Gross Science $0.99

Kid Science: Nature Experiments $0.99

Kid Science: Physics Experiments $0.99

Kid Science: Worm Dissection $0.99


Black Friday Deals on Apps

iPhone/iPod touch Apps

Scanner Pro ($6.99-> $0.99) [Business, pocket scanner]  <-one of my favorites

Scanner Pro: scan multipage documents, upload to Dropbox and Evernote - Readdle

Car Care ($4.99->$2.99) [All your vehicle maintenance records in your pocket.

The easy, automatic way to track fuel economy and service maintenance for every car in the garage. Car Care is well reviewed, earning 4.5 out of 5 mice from Macworld, accolades from, and over 450 four-and-five star App Store ratings.]

Car Care - KB Productions

ReaddleDocs ($4.99 -> $0.99) [Productivity, file management]

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) - Readdle

OneDisk ($4.99-> $0.99) [Productivity, cloud storage]

OneDisk - WebDAV client - Readdle

Flash Drive ($4.99 -> $0.99) [Productivity, file carrier]

Flash Drive (View/save with drag and drop/email documents) - Readdle

GameTrac ($2.99->Free) [Play a game? There’s a stat for that.
Fully customizable statistics tracking for iPhone & iPod Touch, and easy Facebook sharing of your accomplishments. Whether football, basketball, a card game, or a trip to the gym, GameTrac helps you track progress, graph performance, and share success with friends and family.]

GameTrac - Stats Book & Score Keeper for Sports - KB Productions

PDF Expert ($4.99 -> $0.99) [Business, PDF reader]

PDF Expert (professional PDF documents reader) - Readdle

Take a Note ($4.99 -> $0.99) [Productivity, note taking tool]

Take A Note - Readdle

BookReader ($4.99->$0.99) [Books, bookreader]

BookReader - Readdle

Navigon MobileNavigator USA ($49.99->$29.99) [GPS turn-by-turn voice navigation]


Navigon MyRegion (East, Central or West) ($29.99->$19.99) [GPS turn-by-turn voice navigation]

NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion East - NAVIGON AG East  NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion Central - NAVIGON AG Central  NAVIGON MobileNavigator US MyRegion West - NAVIGON AG West  

TomTom U.S.A. ($54.99->$34.99) [GPS turn-by-turn voice navigation]

TomTom U.S.A. - TomTom International BV


iPad Apps

PDF Expert for iPad ($4.99 ->$1.99) [Productivity, advanced PDF annotating]

PDF Expert for iPad - Annotate, review PDFs - Readdle

ReaddleDocs for iPad ($4.99 -> $1.99) [Business, file management] <-one of my favorites!

ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) - Readdle

Calendars ($6.99 -> $1.99) [Productivity, google calendar client]

Calendars - Google Calendar client - Readdle

Printer Pro ($6.99 -> $1.99) [Productivity, wireless printing]

Printer Pro - Readdle

PDF HD goes free (was $2.99) [Productivity, simple PDF viewer]

PDF HD - fast PDF reader with highlight and search - Readdle