Russell Brown Shows the NEW Updated Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad


Adobe has updated its 3 Photoshop Touch Companion Apps for Adobe Photoshop CS 5. The New versions take advantage of the iPad 2's camera as well as other ways to work with the images on your iPad and send them over to Photoshop on the desktop. Russell Brown is here to show us the new features.

You can get Adobe Nav for iPad for $1.99 here from the iTunes

You can get Adobe Eazel for iPad for $2.99 here from the iTunes

You can get Adobe Color Lava for iPad for $2.99 here from the iTunes


Adobe’s New Photoshop Companion Apps for iPad Now Available!

Adobe Eazel for iPad

Just yesterday, Adobe released the three companion applications on the iPad for Photoshop. The three applications utilize the brand new Photoshop SDK which is also available to developers. These three apps each do their own different things, from helping you to blend color to letting you paint on the iPad and transfer it directly into Photoshop.

Sure, it isn’t entire Photoshop on the iPad but it is parts that do very well on the iPad. I particularly like being able to use the iPad as a canvas to draw on, to then send it to Photoshop for final work. Going even further, I’d say this now makes the iPad useful to paint with (to an extent).

Here are the links to each of the three different applications. Clicking on the app name (ie. the link) will take you straight to the iTunes App Store where they are all available.

  • Adobe Eazel ($4.99): Paint on the iPad and access it through Photoshop.
  • Adobe Nav ($1.99): Use the iPad as a tool selector for Photoshop.
  • Adobe Color Lava ($1.99): Blend custom colors together for use in Photoshop.

Here is a video from Jeff Tranberry that shows all of the apps and how to get them set up and connected to Photoshop.