As a general rule of thumb, red eyes in a photo are bad. You know the look, someone takes a shot of you with flash in a dark environment and you end up looking like you're possessed. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Someone took a picture of my girlfriend and I with my iPhone one Saturday night at a nearby restaurant in Dayton. It was dark. My eyes were red. Up until this point I had never had an issue with red-eye on my iPhone so I had never gone and looked for a solution. What I found was a really good App to not only fix red-eye but change the color of eyes all together! All of this and it's FREE!

What Causes Red-Eye

I know this is an App review but I thought it would be nice if you knew what actually caused the red-eye effect. You usually see red-eye appear when someone has taken a photograph of another person in a dark environment with a flash. The reason this happens has to do with the way our eyes work. When you are in a dark environment your pupils dilate (get larger) to let more light in. When the bright flash goes off what you are seeing is a reflection of the back of the retina. The red comes from the blood vessels. So there you have it, that is why, now lets talk about how to fix it with this great App!

Using Eye Colorizer

The core function of this App is to change the color of the eyes. In building an App that does a really great job of that, by default it works really well at removing red-eye. Getting images into the App is easy. There are two choices available to the user. Either load an image from the library or take a photograph. Once your image is loaded the App automatically detects where the eyes are located and zooms in. If there is more than one set of eyes the App chooses one and zooms in. (If you have more than one set of eyes, you work on the first set, then at the end add the second set) Once you have selected your eyes you are presented with lots of controls. You are able to change the outer and inner color of the eyes (the inner color is where you would fix the red-eyes).  Adjustable also is the hue, and pattern of color on the eyes. Once all of the adjustments have been made, there is an eraser to remove any unwanted "spillage" of color around the eye. Pinch to zoom in or out of the eyes to get the details perfect.

On the opening screen (along with the camera and library option) is an instructions button. This will take you to instructions with screen shots. These are some of the most thorough instructions that I have seen on an App. I am very impressed with them.


Paid Version

While I'm using the free version of Eye Colorizer, there is also a paid version for $1.99. The additional features of the paid version include the removal of all Ads, the addition of a rainbow effect as an eye color option, and a "splash" button that grays out the background and leaves the eyes in color while you're working on them. Personally, I don't see a need for any of those features so I'm sticking with the free version, however I have included the link to the paid version below if those are features that you feel you just can't live without.


Should you get it?

If you've every experienced the dreaded red-eye in a photo (who hasn't), especially on the iPhone, this App should be in your arsenal of photo editing tools. For the great price of Free, you have nothing to lose. I'm certain however, that if you download it you won't be disappointed with the quality of the final product.


You can get Eye Colorizer Free for your iPhone from the iTunes store for Free here: iTunes
You can get Eye Colorizer Paid for your iPhone from the iTunes store for $1.99 here: iTunes