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Camera+ is Back in the Store with Updates!

Camera+ 2.0Back in August I had a review of Camera+ up, just a day after it got pulled from the AppStore for a secret feature that you could enable, assigning the volume control buttons on the iPhone as the shutter control button. This was a bit sad to see as the app is brilliant. This is why I am now very pleased to be able to review an update to the app, Camera+ 2.0, which is now available again in the App Store!

This review is very much going to focus on what is new in Camera+ 2.0 and if the changes are for the better or not.

Camera+​ - tap tap tap

Touch Exposure & Focus

Why leave the best until last? The most brilliant new feature in the update, which makes Camera+ my favorite photo application currently out there. Sure, the built-in camera application lets you touch to focus and in a way do touch exposure as well, however it will measure the light at the point of focus. Of course this means that you either get a perfectly exposed photo, or one that is in focus.

The beauty here is that you can control both exposure and focus separately and the way it works isn’t all that bad. Focus is, like in the built-in camera app, done by tapping anywhere in the scene. To set the exposure, you touch with a second finger at the same time as you are focusing. Being able to set these independently is just amazing to me and will make iPhone photos much better. The only downside is that the control is slightly clunky while trying to hold the iPhone still and then take a photo at the same time.

Note: This feature is only available on the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 running iOS4.



The Fly Delta App is Finally Here!

One of the iPhone Apps that I have been waiting for the longest is a native App from Delta Airlines. I Fly Delta several times a month on average and having a native App means faster access to my itineraries and check in info. Recently I reviewed the American Airlines App and although I rarely fly AA, I can appreciate their well thought out App. As a matter of fact their App kinda set the bar for how well an airline App can be done. My long wait was ended this week when Delta released their "Fly Delta" App for iPhone (only works with iOS 4 and higher!) The App covers my basic needs in that I can save my login credentials, view my itineraries, see my mileage balance, search for flights, check in for flights and even mark my parking spot with a location tag, note and a photo. 

This is great, but there are missing features

While I applaud Delta's efforts and am truly thankful to have this App, there are some features that I'm missing right off the bat. For example, I can see my current Medallion Skymiles balance, but that's it. I can't get a breakdown of my miles, nor does it seem to show your remaining miles to fly to achieve the next Medallion Level. While I can search for flights, I can't actually book flights using the App. There are no terminal Maps, nor does there seem to be any push notifications of flight changes/cancellations. It would also be nice to be notified via the App when it's time to check in. Lastly, while I rarely ever check a bag, when I do I'd love to see which baggage carrousel my bag is going to be on from within the App as I leave the plane.

The Bottom Line

This is a great start, but there are so many more possibilities. I look forward to continued progress of this App. If you fly Delta, then you should probably go ahead and get this App. It is FREE after all, so there's really no reason not to have it. Also one thing that may tick a lot of users off is that this App requires iOS 4. So it really cuts out a large user base that otherwise would probably benefit from the App. 

You can get the Fly Delta App here from the Fly


GPS Turn-by-Turn App Summer Price War!

Whenever there's fierce competition the consumer usually wins! Whenever there's competition and a price war, the consumer really wins! These Apps have just been updated for iOS 4 compatibility and support multitasking. Both Navigon and TomTom have begun a Summer Price War! Navigon kicked it off by lowering the price of the Navigon MobileNavigator App for North America and their popular My Region series. TomTom followed up by lowering the price of their USA & Canada App as well as their USA only App:

Now you can get the Navigon MobileNavigator North America App for only $49.99 (regular price $79.99) here from the NAVIGON

or the MyRegion Apps for only $17.99 (regular price $24.99):

MyRegion US East – covering: (AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA, ME, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, Ri, SC, TN, VT, VA, WV) Here  for $17.99

MyRegion US Central – covering: (AL, AR, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NE, NM, ND, OH, OK, SD, TN, TX, WI, WY) Here for $17.99

MyRegion US West – covering: (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY) Here for $17.99

See the rest of Navigon's Apps here on NAVIGON



TomTom is offering their USA and Canada App for $59.99 (regular price $69.99) here from the TomTom

and they are offering their USA Only App for $49.99 (regular price $59.99) here from the TomTom


There has been no indication of how long this sale will last, so I wouldn't hesitate if I were you. They are both great Apps, however I give the nod to Navigon for the most features. 

My setup above is:


FAQ: Yes, all of the Maps are built-in to the App. No, you don't need a data connection while you're using it (except for the weather, parking and Google POI search). No it does't require your data plan (except for the 3 things I just mentioned). No it doesn't require a Car Kit unless you're using an iPod touch, which doesn't have a GPS (the car kit does). No, there are no monthly fees. You buy the App and you're done.


Navigon for iOS 4 is here with New Features

My favorite iPhone/iPod touch turn-by-turn GPS navigation App just got better. The 1.6 update brings iOS 4 compatibility, which of course the big news here is that it continues to work in the background if you receive a call. That's right! You'll continue to receive voice directions if another App is running in the foreground. Also once you end your call the App will take about 1 second to update the screen with your current position. That's not all. Navigon also updated the maps to the latest versions and they've added weather info for both your destination and while you're in route as well as available parking at your destination.


I took it for a test spin


Over the weekend I took the New updated Navigon App for a test drive and without even having to plan ahead, I received a call while navigating. I took the call over the hands-free bluetooth in my car and the voice prompts continued. Once I hung up from the call I was immediately returned to the app. If you want to still see the display while you're driving you can just use fast app switching in iOS 4 to go right back to Navigon and continue talking. 

My setup above is:


FAQ: Yes, all of the Maps are built-in to the App. No, you don't need a data connection while you're using it (except for the weather, parking and Google POI search). No it does't require your data plan (except for the 3 things I just mentioned). No it doesn't require a Car Kit unless you're using an iPod touch, which doesn't have a GPS (the car kit does). No, there are no monthly fees. You buy the App and you're done.


Navigon also put there Apps on Sale! Get the Navigon Mobile Navigator North America App here from the NAVIGON

If you don't need the whole country (or you live/travel in a different country, check out their cheaper My Region Series and their other Apps here NAVIGON

The competition between all of these apps has been great and as result we (the consumers) just keep winning.



5 Must Have Apps to Show Off Your iPhone 4

If you just got your NEW iPhone 4 or you've upgraded your 3GS to iOS 4 chances are you're chomping at the bit to get some Apps that really take advantage of it. Sadly, there aren't a slew of apps yet that really take advantage of iOS 4's power. However, they're on the way and in the meantime I've picked 5 "Must Have iPhone 4 Apps" that are ready to go today:



Although I'm more of a fan of Navigon, I do have to give it to TomTom for getting an update out quickly that allows you to run your Navigation app in the background under iOS 4. So now if a call comes in, you can take the call while TomTomcontinues to know your location and guide you in the background.

Get it here from the TomTom



Pandora Radio

This one is a no brainer! Pandora Radio is a great personalized internet radio station right on your iDevice that now can run in the background streaming music while you work in other Apps. Definitely a must have!

Get it here from the Pandora



Pandora Radio on iOS 4 Rocks!

If there was ever an App that screamed "let me run in the background", it's Pandora Radio. Although I've had this App for quite a while I've never really gotten into it until now. Pandora is a like a customizable personal internet radio station. You simply identify artists that you like and Pandora will start playing songs by that artist at random and other songs that are similar that you might like. You can give a song a thumbs up to hear it and more like it again or a thumbs down to never hear it again. After a while of this type of voting Pandora will get pretty good at knowing what you like to listen too. Sounds great right? The only problem up until iOS 4 was that on the iDevices Pandora always had to run in the foreground meaning that you couldn't do anything else while it was running. That all changed this past Monday when Pandora released their latest update and Apple released iOS 4 with Multitasking for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. 

Start Pandora playing and then go do something else

Just like the iPod App, you can now start a track playing in Pandora and hit the home button to go to another App while the music keeps playing. If you double tap the Home button you'll be able to see the other apps running for quick switching and if you slide them to the right you can access the Pandora audio controls without having to return to the Pandora App. If you hear a song you like you can tap a link, to bookmark the song or have it take you to the iTunes store to search for the song automatically and all while the music keeps playing. Pandora is also a "+" App, which means it runs natively on the iPad too. 

Is Pandora really free? Well yes for most people. The App is definitely free. However, your Free account only get's you 40 hours a month of "free" listening. After that, it's either 99¢ to finish out the calendar month or you can pay an annual fee of $36. However, according to Pandora most people never hit this limit. I never even knew there was a limit until a friend of mine told me that she hit it because she listened to it non-stop at work all week long (40 hours). More details here.

Pandora Radio is now what I would consider a Must Have App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's FREE and available here from the Pandora


Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote Releases

It has been a few hours now since Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, announcing the brand new iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Here is what is new.

iPhone 4

First off, we have the brand new iPhone 4. With the design as the leaks, it looks gorgeous. The design is all based around the metal frame around it (with glass on front and back) where all components are placed.


It has a vastly improved display, a retina display, with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch (compared to the 163 ppi on the 3GS) and a screen size of 960×640 pixels. That is an incredible four times more than the previous iPhone, apparently making reading easier on the eyes.