All of the apps that we have reviewed that have iPad support and are available to use natively on the iPad. If an app is in this index, you won’t have the 2x iPhone app interface.

Travisa Passport and Visa Service

Travisa Passport and Visa Service App

I travel internationally for a living and therefore I need to know which countries require a Visa and more importantly the requirements. Keeping up with this information is next to impossible because it changes without notice. Luckily there’s a great App called Travisa Passport and Visa Service. Travisa is a company that specializes in Visa and Passport services and while you can certainly use their service, you don’t have to just to use the App. Recently I traveled to Brazil and I already had my Brazil Visa, but then I wondered if I’d need one for Argentina or Chile. A quick check of the App revealed that I didn’t. However, in the case that I did need one the complete information would be there including the necessary items required to apply and how to apply. If you do use Travisa’s services then you can also use the App to track the status of your Application. The App automatically checks for updates when you launch it and if there is an update it downloads right into the App so that you always have the latest requirement information.

It’s also good for US Passport info. If you are about to renew or add passport pages to an existing passport, the Travisa App can show you those requirements as well.

The App allows you to review requirements directly within the App or email them to yourself or anyone else that needs them.

If you travel internationally, this is a must have App! It’s a Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.



Adobe Revel Gets New Features

Adobe Revel allows you to automatically sync your photos to/from your iOS devices, Android devices and your desktop computer. The iOS App has just gotten a nice update to include:

  • Support for the Retina Display on the new iPad (3rd gen).
  • Tag photos with an Event name.
  • Photos from multiple dates can be tagged as a single Event.
  • Share, export, and delete multiple photos at once.
  • Faster editing performance on iPad and iPhone.
  • View photos from a single day or event using Grid View.
  • View only your favorite photos.
  • View photos by events.
  • Adjust photo date and time.

Adobe Revel is a paid service at $5.99/month. You can do a 30 day Free trial to check it out right within the app.

You can get Adobe Revel for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch for free here from the iTunes


Scanner Pro goes iPad Native

I always love it when one of my favorite Apps that started out as an iPhone App gets updated to be a Universal App, which means that it’s now native on iPad. The good folks over at Readdle have updated my favorite document scanning App for iOS, Scanner Pro to be a Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. They also took this opportunity to improve the user interface and increase the scanning speed.

With Scanner Pro you can use your iDevice’s camera to take pictures of documents, receipts, photos, etc. and convert them to PDF while straightening them out and enhancing the quality. Since I’ve been using this App I rarely use my desktop scanners anymore. It’s great for scanning receipts for expense reports. The PDFs can be uploaded to Dropbox.com, emailed, sent to Evernote, Google Docs or directly to your PC or Mac.

It’s one my “Must Have” Apps.

You can get Scanner Pro for $6.99 here from the iTunes


Dropbox Just Got a Whole Lot Better!


Dropbox Just Increased Your Space!

This isn’t an update to the Dropbox App, but it effects the App and it’s just way too good to not mention! Traditionally Dropbox (the free cloud storage service) provided 2GB of free storage space to anyone that wanted to sign up for a free account. Users could earn additional free storage space by referring friends to the service with a customized link (found on your Dropbox webpage under “Get free space”). For each person that was referred, an additional 250MB of space was awarded to the referrer’s account. Some months ago Dropbox was testing out their new auto photo uploading feature and upped the awarded space to 500MB per referral IF you used the auto photo upload feature. Now to the good part. A couple of days ago Dropbox changed their policy and is now awarding 1GB of FREE space for referrals with no requirements (just like it was originally)!!! The absolute best part, is that they’re “backpaying” everyone for referrals from the past. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your storage space, this is why. Drop box is an integral part of my workflow both photographically and just for data storage of important documents. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, there is no better time than now to sign up for a free one here.  If you don’t know how you would use Dropbox check out Terry’s 5 Ways To Take Advantage of Dropbox here. 

Where to check for your Dropbox allocated space



My buddy David brought it to my attention that the 1GB referral reward is for people with PRO accounts (meaning that you paid for the upgraded space), however after looking into it a little more, they have changed their policy for free users as well. The 500MB reward for referring people used to be only if you were using the auto upload pictures feature. Now it’s  500MB no matter if you’re using that feature or not. Dropbox didn’t spell any of this out in the notifications that they sent out and David had to dive into the help section to find this info. Sorry for the confusion. This is still a great change all of the way around for everyone though! More free space no matter if you’re a free or pro user!



You can get Dropbox for your iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes

You can get Dropbox for your iPad from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes

Photoshop Quiz Game

Photoshop Quiz Game

Have fun testing your knowledge of Adobe Photoshop! Our good friend Dave Cross (Photoshop Instructor) has just released his Photoshop Quiz Game App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Whether you’re new to Photoshop or a long time pro, I would dare say that you don’t know everything about Photoshop (know one does), however, if you think you’re a Photoshop guru and you want to put your skills to the test, then you definitely want to check out this “game”. While it has the word Game in the title and it is entertaining, I feel like this is more of an educational tool than a game. As a matter of fact it would really be useful as a study aid for those of you looking to pass your Photoshop ACE exam or being tested on Photoshop at school.

Three Levels of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty ranging from those “how can anyone not know these?” questions to those “who in the world would know this?” type questions. While I’ve been using Photoshop since version 2 (not CS2, 2.0) there are still things that stumped me in this “game.” Besides playing the three different levels you can also use the Flash Cards feature to study from.

The Bottom Line

Any Photoshop User will definitely want to check out this App. My only complaint/annoyance (besides not knowing all of the answers) was that once I started a game, there didn’t seem to be a way to bail out of it. I had to keep tapping answers until all of the questions were answered before being allowed to get back to the home screen. Hopefully I’m missing something and there’s a secret handshake or button. I’m also hopeful that Dave will continue to update the App with new questions.

You can get the Photoshop Quiz Game for $4.99 here from the iTunes

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