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Dropbox Just Got a Whole Lot Better!


Dropbox Just Increased Your Space!

This isn’t an update to the Dropbox App, but it effects the App and it’s just way too good to not mention! Traditionally Dropbox (the free cloud storage service) provided 2GB of free storage space to anyone that wanted to sign up for a free account. Users could earn additional free storage space by referring friends to the service with a customized link (found on your Dropbox webpage under “Get free space”). For each person that was referred, an additional 250MB of space was awarded to the referrer’s account. Some months ago Dropbox was testing out their new auto photo uploading feature and upped the awarded space to 500MB per referral IF you used the auto photo upload feature. Now to the good part. A couple of days ago Dropbox changed their policy and is now awarding 1GB of FREE space for referrals with no requirements (just like it was originally)!!! The absolute best part, is that they’re “backpaying” everyone for referrals from the past. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your storage space, this is why. Drop box is an integral part of my workflow both photographically and just for data storage of important documents. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, there is no better time than now to sign up for a free one here.  If you don’t know how you would use Dropbox check out Terry’s 5 Ways To Take Advantage of Dropbox here. 

Where to check for your Dropbox allocated space



My buddy David brought it to my attention that the 1GB referral reward is for people with PRO accounts (meaning that you paid for the upgraded space), however after looking into it a little more, they have changed their policy for free users as well. The 500MB reward for referring people used to be only if you were using the auto upload pictures feature. Now it’s  500MB no matter if you’re using that feature or not. Dropbox didn’t spell any of this out in the notifications that they sent out and David had to dive into the help section to find this info. Sorry for the confusion. This is still a great change all of the way around for everyone though! More free space no matter if you’re a free or pro user!



You can get Dropbox for your iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes

You can get Dropbox for your iPad from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes

Photoshop Quiz Game

Photoshop Quiz Game

Have fun testing your knowledge of Adobe Photoshop! Our good friend Dave Cross (Photoshop Instructor) has just released his Photoshop Quiz Game App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Whether you’re new to Photoshop or a long time pro, I would dare say that you don’t know everything about Photoshop (know one does), however, if you think you’re a Photoshop guru and you want to put your skills to the test, then you definitely want to check out this “game”. While it has the word Game in the title and it is entertaining, I feel like this is more of an educational tool than a game. As a matter of fact it would really be useful as a study aid for those of you looking to pass your Photoshop ACE exam or being tested on Photoshop at school.

Three Levels of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty ranging from those “how can anyone not know these?” questions to those “who in the world would know this?” type questions. While I’ve been using Photoshop since version 2 (not CS2, 2.0) there are still things that stumped me in this “game.” Besides playing the three different levels you can also use the Flash Cards feature to study from.

The Bottom Line

Any Photoshop User will definitely want to check out this App. My only complaint/annoyance (besides not knowing all of the answers) was that once I started a game, there didn’t seem to be a way to bail out of it. I had to keep tapping answers until all of the questions were answered before being allowed to get back to the home screen. Hopefully I’m missing something and there’s a secret handshake or button. I’m also hopeful that Dave will continue to update the App with new questions.

You can get the Photoshop Quiz Game for $4.99 here from the iTunes


Minimal Folio Syncs the Way I Want it To

On Friday I posed the question: “What’s the best Portfolio App for iPad?” For the most part I didn’t get a ton of responses and the ones I got were Apps that I had already tried with the exception of one: Minimal Folio. As the name implied this App is not big on having lots of features. The App is simply and elegantly designed to allow you to show your photos  on the big and beautiful iPad display. Yes, this App also takes advantage of the Retina Display on the New iPad as well. While this App doesn’t have as many features as say Portfolio for iPad or Xtra Folio, but it does the one thing that I wish all the others would do and that is “Sync” with Dropbox. Note I didn’t say “Import”, I said “sync”! Portfolio for iPad can import my images from Dropbox manually, but it currently doesn’t sync them.

Why is Dropbox important?

The problem I have with most of these Apps is not how well they display the photos or the features they have in playing videos, having multiple portfolios, etc., the problem is that once you get the photos in and organized the problem is doing future updates. For example, I have a portfolio called “Recent Work”. This means that I add new photos to it regularly and delete older photos. Currently it’s a pain to do this simple task of updating in all the other Apps.

My Lightroom workflow that ties this all together

I manage my photos in Adobe Lightroom 4. I organize them in Lightroom Collections (albums). I also created a “Hard Disk Publish Service with “Smart Collections” that mirror the manual collections to my Dropbox folder. These Smart Collections, like “Recent Work” create JPGs at 2048 pixels on the longest dimensions and put them in folders in Dropbox that I can then sync with Minimal Folio. Once I click the Publish button to update any of my Smart Collections, i can then go to Minimal Folio and tap sync. The new photos come in automatically!

It gets better

There’s an iPhone/iPod touch version too. Since the App can sync with Dropbox I also have my Portfolios on my iPhone too. Once I had the iPad version set up, I bought the iPhone version. I linked it to my Dropbox account, tapped “Sync with Dropbox” and all my current portfolios came over to my iPhone like magic. While I appreciate there being an iPhone/iPod touch version I do wish that this was a Universal App instead of two separate Apps.

The Bottom Line

While Minimal Photo lacks things like slideshows, music, and custom branding I’m liable to use it more because I know that it will always have the latest versions of my portfolios with the tap of a “sync” button. Short of having an App that ties directly to Lightroom this is one of the best ones to support my workflow. Also the price is right compared to many others. There are more full featured Apps out there and if you’re an iPhoto or Aperture user perhaps the built-in Photos App is all you need. However, if you’re a Lightroom user and you want an easy way to get those photos onto your iDevices and keep them updated, organize them in the order you want, I don’t know of a better option. Minimal Folio also works with video and PDFs. It allows you to zoom in on your images. Yes you can bring images in from iTunes or from the built-in Camera Roll/Albums. Special shout out to my Google+ follower Johannes Henseler for pointing this App out to me.

You can get Minimal Folio for iPad for $2.99 here from the iTunes

You can get Minimal Folio for iPhone/iPod touch for $0.99 here from the iTunes


Best Portfolio App for iPad: You’re the Pundit

I have tried quite a few different portfolio Apps on iPad to display my photography work and quite frankly I’m not really thrilled or blown away by any of them. While I wait for my buddy Shaun to build the ultimate portfolio App that I’ve always wanted, I continue to use Portfolio for iPad as it has “most” of what I’m looking for and they’ve submitted a Retina Display update that’s currently waiting for approval by Apple.

My must have criteria for a good portfolio App

  • Easy to get images in and replace them from time to time! <-this is where most fall appart quickly. Dropbox support is a must, but a direct Lightroom tie would be the ultimate.
  • Ability to add branding (your logo)
  • Slideshows with music that can be self running or manually swiped
  • Ability to assign different songs/playlists to different galleries
  • Retina Display ready or coming out with an update very soon
  • Multiple galleries and hidden galleries
  • Both portrait and landscape support

The above list represents my bare minimum in features that I want/need. Portfolio for iPad has all fo the above, but I wonder if I’m missing something since I haven’t looked at these apps in a while. If you’re asking “well if Portfolio for iPad has these things then why are you looking?” that’s a good question. While Portfolio for iPad has the features I want, I want something that is more easily updated or sync’d. Right now let’s say I have 24 images in my Beauty portfolio. If I want to add a new one and delete an old one, the process is completely manual. I have to check my website or LR to see which one is the oldest and should be deleted from the App and then I have to go find the new one via a Dropbox import. Then I have to manually move it to the front of the group. While this is not the end of the world, I have Lightroom Publishing this Collection to a Dropbox folder. Why can’t Portfolio for iPad just sync to that folder as well, picking up any changes and removing images that are no longer there? It can’t be that hard!!!
Portfolio for iPad - Britton Mobile Development

Which Portfolio App on IPad do you like BEST and why?



Nikon Manual Viewer

One of the benefits I’ve been enjoying since the iPad came out (and even with the iPhone before that) is having all of my electronics and camera gear manuals on my iDevices in PDF. Most companies now allow you to download manuals in PDF format. While I’ve got some great PDF viewing and storing Apps on my iDevices, Nikon has released one specifically for their manuals. Now before I go any further I must say that this seems a bit redundant if you already have a PDF viewing App (even the free iBooks App lets you do this) that you love. Also when the App 1st came out it was so buggy that it was basically “unusable”. However, they’ve updated it a couple of times to where I thought I’d give it a second look.

Quick access to manuals for current Nikon gear

Like I said above, I had the manuals for my Nikon cameras, speedlights and other equipment on my iPad before this App came out. I was curious though as to what this App would bring to the table? The first thing is that you don’t have to search around on their website to find the manuals for your gear. All of the available manuals (current gear ONLY) show up right in the App for download. You can download just the ones you want at any time for offline viewing. Once you have the manual(s) you want on your device then you can flip through the pages, do searches and make bookmarks. Nothing earth shattering here, but it does work. As you would expect there is NO Printing capability. Even on Nikon’s regular site you can only download “printable” manuals if you are “registered” for that specific piece of gear. Otherwise the manuals you download freely are for on screen viewing only. The App works as advertised now and is probably very useful for someone who doesn’t have a computer and only has iOS devices as it’s easy to download and view the manuals directly sans iTunes. It is the easiest fastest way to get their manuals on your device.

The Bottom Line

Not sure why Nikon invested in reinventing the wheel here as this was already pretty possible with their existing manuals and pretty much any PDF viewer on iOS? However, this Universal App is FREE and gives you fast access to find the manuals you want. It’s a pity that they don’t let you grab manuals for discontinued gear or even the newly announced gear like the D4 and D800. I’m sure those will be added, but they would have won another star from me had they been available sooner or at launch. This was also a missed opportunity to do MORE. Perhaps some interactive elements to show the features in action. Videos, etc.

You can get the Nikon Manual Viewer for free here from the iTunes

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