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Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram



We have reviewed several different photo layout apps here before and apparently the idea has caught on with Instagram as they have just released their own. Layout from Instagram is a FREE app for iOS that allows you to quickly put together multiple photos in one frame for posting to social media sites such as, well um “Instagram”. The interface is very straight forward and actually kinda fun to use as it automatically lays out your selected images based on the number of images you choose. No need to choose a layout first as with most other apps. If you deselect or add more photos the layout automatically adjusts. You can flip or mirror any image in your layout as well as resize the frame containing them. If you don’t have enough selfies ready to go you can use the Photo Booth feature to actually snap several selfies in succession. However, unlike my favorite App in this category “PicPlayPost“, currently Layout from Instagram doesn’t allow you to layout videos. The other glaring omission is that you seem to be limited to just the images on your Camera Roll and not the ones in your existing Albums. I find that limit pretty odd, but at least it will force you to use “fresh” images.


The Bottom Line

Layout from Instagram isn’t mind blowing, but it does have a slick UI (user interface). It won’t make me give up my other app, but If I’m only going to layout “recent” photos then I’d likely use it simply because it’s faster.
Get it here from the iTunes.

500px - Discover photos from the world's best photography community

500px App Integrates Adobe Creative Cloud Features and More


When it comes to social photography sites, 500px comes to mind as being one of the best and definitely one of the most inspirational. I go there when I want to be blown away by photographic images. With that said, I rarely used their iOS App for more than just browsing. I upload to 500px from Lightroom using their Publishing Plug-in. However, with the latest update their App just became a whole lot more useful.

Integrated Camera with Manual Controls


On iPhone the update adds not only a built-in camera, but also the ability to take pictures with iOS 8 aided manual controls. This is probably one of the best implementations I’ve seen in terms of ease of use. You have a simple button that toggles from automatic to manual. Once in manual you can adjust focus and exposure. Snap your shot and it’s sent to the Camera Roll.

Adobe Creative Cloud Editing


Once you snap your shot with the built-in camera or any other camera app you can bring it up for editing. The editing features are powered by Adobe Creative Cloud in that you have the same editing features found in apps like Photoshop Mix. The same “Looks” and same ease of editing that people love in Mix.

Import from Lightroom Mobile

500px LR Mobile

If you’ve used Lightroom Mobile to sync certain collections with the cloud, those same collections appear in the 500px App for you to import from. This gives me another hook into Lightroom and best of all it’s wireless/cloud based.

1Password Support


I stay logged in, but if for whatever reason I log out it’s that much easier to log back in since the app now integrates 1Password support right into the login screen.

The Bottom Line

This is now by far the most feature rich Social Photography app that I know of. 500px just raised the bar.

You can get it here from the iTunes.

Adobe Premiere Clip - Create, edit & share videos

Adobe Premiere Clip for iPad and iPhone

Adobe Premiere Clip iPad

Over the weekend I decided to do a little ariel photography and video with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. After I shot my video, I wanted to edit down to a short clip that I could share on Instagram. Of course one of the biggest limitations with Instagram video is that it can only be a maximum of 15 seconds in length. I figured the NEW Adobe Premiere Clip App would be up to the task. This App would give me the flexibility of starting the process on the iPad and if I could get the edit that I wanted great, and if not I could send the project to the desktop and finish it in Premiere Pro CC. I was able to get the edit I wanted in Premiere Clip.


The editing process

I had one long 7 minute video. The idea was to cut up the video to the 2-3 scenes that I wanted. I also wanted to add a title at the beginning as well as some stock audio. Premiere Clip allowed me to do the edits I needed and I really liked the royalty free soundtrack that I was able to pick right in the app. Once I was done I published the video to the Premiere Clip gallery (optional, you can keep your videos private) and from there I could save it back to my Camera Roll. Now in order to go to Instagram I needed the video to be in a 1:1 square aspect ratio. For this last step I used the Crop Video Square App.

Here’s the video:

OMG You flew near an airport???

The last few seconds show a plane landing at the ATL airport and as soon as I posted the video I had friends and fans freaking out about FAA regulations. Before you lose it and become unglued, note that I’m well aware of the regulations and more importantly so is DJI. In the latest firmware for the Phantom 2 Vision+ DJI built-in “no-fly zones”. The Phantom 2 Vision+ has a GPS that once it detects that you’re near or within a no-fly zone it will AUTOMATICALLY limit the height in which you can fly OR not even allow it to lift-off. I was close, but not that close. My flying height was AUTOMATICALLY restricted and it was fine to make the video that I made. Breathe, breathe… For more info see DJI’s video on their safety features here.

You can get Adobe Premiere Clip for FREE on the iTunes.


Photo Editor by Aviary

My New Favorite Image Editor on iPhone & iPad is Photo Editor by Aviary


There are several AMAZING image editing apps for iOS. I have several of them on my iPhone and iPad. However, what I’ve come to realize is that I rarely open most of them. It’s not that they aren’t great. It probably has more to do with the fact that I just don’t need to do a ton of detailed image editing on my mobile devices. If I capture an image with my iPhone it’s usually to share right then and there or shortly thereafter. At this point I may want to do some global adjustments such as exposure, shadows and highlights and perhaps a crop. Well iOS 8 pretty much has that covered now built-in. So when would I need more? When I want to do a few more things to the image such as add a border, add text and perhaps a couple of local adjustments such as spot removal. That’s when I need an App and like I said there are lots of great apps out there. However, I’ve found that Photo Editor by Aviary has the most straight forward and easy UI. Launch the app, open your photo and simply slide to the desired edit that you wish to perform. The edits are fast and good.


There are more filters than I can count. This App does what I want to do 90% of the time. I especially like the Meme Text feature! It took me a minute to find it, but Undo is a gesture. Swipe left under the pic to undo and right to redo and yes it has multiple undos and redos.


Once you’re done with your photo you can share it in all the usual places and even upload to Walgreens to Print it.

What doesn’t it do?

There are no layers. If you’re looking to do compositing and removing backgrounds, then this is NOT your app. You’re better served by Adobe Photoshop Mix or Photoshop Touch.

The Bottom Line

Yes there are Apps that do more. However, for my day to day image editing needs on my iPhone and iPad this one hits the sweet spot of offering just what I need and doing it in a clean fast way.

You can get Photo Editor by Aviary here from the .

BONUS: If you have an Adobe ID you can unlock Aviary’s complete collection of photo editing supplies (a $200 value) for a limited time. Once unlocked they’re yours to keep forever!



The Christmas List

The Best Christmas List App for 2014


For many of you at this point you’re holiday shopping is probably well underway. However, for many more of you you’re probably procrastinating as usual 🙂 I’ve used my favorite gift list app for the last few years and it’s really good because it’s not really focused just on Christmas. However, the app also hasn’t been updated in a while and “The Christmas List” app came across my desk. I decided to check it out and it instantly became my favorite. It’s really hard to explain other than it simply has an easier workflow. What I expect from the “Best Christmas List App” is that it will allow me to easily add people from my contacts along with their photos. It will easily allow me to create a budget for each person and the ability to add a list of gifts for each person. I also expect it to have a passcode feature and the ability to easily check off the gifts as I get them. As a matter of fact without these basic features the App will likely get deleted from my iPhone. The Christmas List App has all of these basics and more. First off even with the basics it’s really well thought out and quick and fast to make the entries. You can easily add people from your Contacts or create them manually. You can then assign each person a budget.


After that you can easily add one or more gifts to each person including the ability to add a photo of the gift as well as the price and even a priority rating. Lastly you can even choose the store or add it if it’s not in the list. This will help with shopping lists by store. If you’re giving the same gift to multiple people you only have to enter it once and then assign it to everyone that you’re giving that gift to.


It’s gets better. You can not only assign a passcode, but you can even use Touch ID on iPhone 5s or iPhone 6/6 Plus. You get a countdown in the App for Shopping Days til Christmas and in iOS 8 you can even add it as a widget to your Notification Center. While this is called “The Christmas List” app, it’s not actually limited to Christmas. You can add additional “Groups” for any other holidays that you want to celebrate and buy gifts for. You can share your lists via iMessage/SMS, AirDrop as well as Email and Print. While checking things off as you buy them is a must have, it certainly not the only thing to consider. Did you wrap the gift? Does it require shipping? You can not only mark a gift as Purchased, but also Wrapped, Shipping or Received.


While The Christmas List app is GREAT and my new favorite, it’s not quite perfect. There are a couple of things I would like to see. First and foremost I’d love to see an iPad version. Not sure why so many of these type of apps leave out the iPad? I’d also like to see cloud syncing of lists to iCloud or Dropbox between devices. It’s great that you can add photos of the gifts, but you can only do so with the built-in camera or from the Camera Roll. I’d also like to see an integrated Google search for pics of gifts. It would be so much faster to search for say an Xbox One, find the pic online and insert it rather than having to leave the app to do all that manually. It would also be nice to be able to add countdown dates for the other groups that you create. With a few additions like these I could easily use this app for ALL occasions. Outside of these wishes, it’s still the Best Christmas List App that I’ve seen to date. I also appreciate the fact that it has a “clean” look without too much “Christmas” decoration (ie. tacky clipart).

You can get The Christmas List App here from the iTunes.


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