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Fatbooth makes you look comically large!

It's Friday… Why not talk about something light and fun?! A few months ago my brother sent me a picture of himself from a trip with his fiance to her home town. This particular brother is 6'0 tall and 175-180lbs soaking wet, but in the picture he looked 300lbs! I was hooked. I thought how funny it would be to take pictures of my friends, kids, and myself stretching the faces to cartoonish size.


It's A Novelty but it's Fun

Let's be honest. Fatbooth is a novelty. It's not something that has any real practical use, but it's a lot of fun. The really great thing about this App being a novelty though, is that the designers could spend a lot of time making it do the one thing that it was built for really, really well. Loading an image into the App is really, easy. You can either use the built in camera on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and take a picture with the built in camera App, or you can choose an image from your image gallery. The developers recommend a front facial image for the feature recognition algorithm to work correctly.  Let's talk about that algorithm for a minute. It works remarkably well. The App places feature markers where it thinks these features are. You of course are able to move the feature markers if they haven't been placed in the correct spot, but I have found that the App does a pretty good job of locating the points on it's own. It looks for the eyes, mouth and chin, so these aren't too difficult to find. 

If you don't like what the image looks like after the transformation, you can shake your iOS device to return to the original image and start over. Of course there are multiple ways to share your newly created image with the world. You can save it to your camera roll, post it on Twitter, Facebook, or email it.

I have to tell you, this app does a pretty good job of making your image look like you only a lot heavier. I posted the image of myself from the top of this review on my Facebook Page   and had people that have known me for years believing that I was stung by a bee. For the cheap price of $.99 it's worth it just to see what you would look like +300lbs.


You can get Fatbooth for your iPhone or iPodtouch for $.99 from the iTunes store here:iTunes
You can get Fatbooth for your iPad for $.99 here: iTunes


XE Currency for iPad (and iPhone too)

While on my most recent international trip there was one App that I realized I didn't have for my iPad. I didn't have an iPad native currency converter. While I happily use Convertbot for all my unit conversion needs on the iPhone, they have yet to make an iPad native version. So I went in search of one for iPad. As you might expect there are several to choose from. Since there was one that caught my eye and it was free I decided to download it right there on the spot in the airport. The problem I have is that when I go to a country for the first time I may not even know what their currency symbol is. This usually means that I have to Google it first before I can even use Convertbot. Then I usually set the conversion to $100 US so that I'll know approximately how much walking around money I may need to withdraw from an ATM for taxis and such. XE Currency so far has fit my needs very nicely. Not only can it display 10 different currencies at once, you can search for the currencies that you wish to display by the name of the country. That ends my need to Google them. As you might expect the App automatically gets the current exchange rates automatically over the internet and you can refresh it as often as you like. You can also use the built-in calculator to figure something out before doing the conversions. You can tap on any of your displayed currencies and enter an amount in that currency and all the other currencies will reflect the conversion.

It's slick and it works! My only minor complaint about the app is one of aesthetics. One thing that bugs me is that while I don't mind the limit of 10 currencies displayed at a time, I do find it a little distracting that those 10 don't fill up the display. There is space left over that you could easily fill with 2 more currencies. This begs the question of either why is there a limit of 10 or why not design the UI so that those 10 take up the whole display? Like I said, it's a very minor complaint. Otherwise I LOVE using this App and best of all it's FREE! I didn't need to look any further. It does all that I needed.

You can get XE Currency for iPad for FREE here from the iTunes

You can also get XE Currency for iPhone/iPod touch for FREE here from the iTunes


Mashable! For iOS

Since 2005 Mashable.com has been the go to news source for me about technology, social media, startups, and gadgets. When I got my first iOS device Mashable! was one of the first Apps I went looking for. I thought I loved Mashable! before, but the iOS App, particularly the iPad version is THE best way to view the content from the site.

The UI is Made With You in Mind

The user interface of the Mashable! App is designed with the end user in mind. The default content view is ALL when you fire up the App. Because the App is iOS4+ compatible it will "remember" what section you were in if the App is just running in the background. I prefer the All view because they have such a wide array of content I'm afraid that I would miss something important if I were constantly viewing content in just one section. The content sections are divided into 11 different tabs. Each well thought out and containing content worthy of it's very own area. The titles range from social media to startups. If it's important in the world of technology, they cover it.

Other Sections

There is an "Other Sections" area of the Mashable! App that I find very useful. The first tab is Trending. This includes just what you would expect, the trending, or popular articles on Mashable!. I like this section because content is constantly being updated on the App and sometimes I miss it. If it was a particularly good article, or something that was really important, it will be in the trending articles.

The Lists tab holds exactly what you would expect. Mashable! is always creating lists for it's viewers. So many in fact that they need their own section. These lists will reside under the main topic that their content places them in, but the Lists tab will house all of them. These lists range from "8 tips for nailing your next startup job interview", to "57 new digital media resources you may have missed".  I love lists. I love this section

We've all read how to articles. Wouldn't it be nice if you could find all of your favorite how to tech articles in one place? With the Mashable App you can! The how to's range from job interviews, App creation, business, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of in the tech or social media world, they have a how to for it.

The next two tabs are great resources. They are Twitter, and Facebook guidebook's. Everything you need to know about Facebook and Twitter is housed in these guidebooks. The best part about these guidebooks is their fluidness. If things change on Facebook or Twitter(they always are) the guides change. Great resources.

The last two sections aren't all that useful to me. The announcements, and Twitter List Directory tabs just don't usually hold a whole lot of content that I'm interested in. The Twitter List Directory didn't even work for me the last time I clicked on it, so I really don't find it useful. ;)



Chances are if you're reading this blog you're a tech person. At the very least you're interested in what's going on in the world of mobile devices. There is so much good content to take in on Mashable! that this a "must have" App. There's a reason it made the Top 100 of the year list.


You can get Mashable! for the iPhone from the iTunes store for free here:  iTunes
You can get Mashable! for the iPad from the iTunes store for free here:  iTunes

Email Signature Pro

Email Signature Pro Gives You The Multiple Signatures You’ve Always Wanted

We’re on iOS 4.x and there are a few things that still haven’t been implemented into Apple’s Mobile OS. To this day the built-in Mail client doesn’t have any support for multiple Email Signatures. While you can certainly create multiple email accounts, the default email signature for each of them will still be “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my iPad”, etc. You can change this signature to whatever you want it to say including clever messages like “Sent from my iPhone, typos and all”. However, what you can’t do is assign a different signature to each email account or have a selection of signatures to automatically insert into an email message. I have 5 different email signatures that I use regularly on my MacBook Pro, but have no access to those signatures on my iDevices.

Email Signature Pro Saves the Day

My good friend Sarah K noticed that my signature coming from my iPad 2 was pretty generic and turned me on to Email Signature Pro. Email Signature Pro allows you to create up to six custom signatures complete with not only text, but also your photo, a second custom image, as well as social media icons complete with active hyperlinks. As a matter of fact while all of this is doable on the desktop, it’s so much easier to create these signatures in the App.
Once you create your custom signature(s) you can then launch the app and tap one button to copy any one of your signatures to the clipboard. Then you can switch to Mail or any other App and paste it in. This is handy when replying to an email. However, if you are creating a new email from scratch you can tap the “insert Signature into New Email” button for the signature you want to use and the App will generate a new email (either in the App or using the Mail client-your choice) complete with your custom signature right in the body of the email. You can also export your custom signatures to your desktop/webmail client with images and links.
While the App is really slick and provides all the features I want, I do have a few gripes. First off there is no native iPad support. Don’t worry, the App works just fine on the iPad, but it would be nice to have it in native iPad size. My second and larger gripe is that the App crashes a lot. I have found that when switching screens if you have an image setup and you don’t wait for that image to display the app will almost be assured to crash. Luckily everything is preserved and all you have to do is re-launch it. Also you would probably only see this crash during the creation/editing of your signatures and not during the day-to-day use. I’d really like to see this bug(s) fixed and the App updated to be a lot more stable. My last couple of suggestions to the developer would be to spruce up the social media icons a bit. The colors seem very muted and I’d also like to see a sizing option for the custom graphic. It appears to only support one size and it’s a bit too large for my taste (I know that clients usually say, “make the logo bigger!” However, it’s not always what we want).

Overall Email Signature Pro provides a feature that should be built-in to iOS. Until Apple builds this in I’ll be using Email Signature Pro.

You can get Email Signature Pro for $4.99 here from the .


Navfree GPS for iPhone and iPad


Over here at Best App Site we pride ourselves in bringing you the best Apps on the market.  Because of the nature of business, most Apps that are really good cost something. Before you fill our email box I know that there are a ton of Apps out there that are awesome and are free but most of those Apps are developed by large corporations like Facebook, or Google. That said, Navfree is the BEST free Navigation App that I have ever seen. One of our readers Bryce Allaire suggested this App to us, and I want to say thanks to Bryce for that! This App has most of the features that our favorite paid navigation App Navigon has, with the great price point of Free. If you've been looking for a turn by turn navigation App but haven't wanted to shell out the money, read on, this might be the App for you.

Almost Everything You'd Want

When I first fired up Navfree I wasn't expecting much more than a map that offered turn by turn directions. What I found was a really full featured App that had some things that I would consider must have's in a $30-$50 Nav App, but certainly wouldn't have expected them to be housed within a free version. Not only does Navfree offer Google search for points of interest, but it offers Facebook and Twitter location posts as well. There is access to your music right from the home screen, and a 2d option just a tap away. It has a standard navigate to address option, a point of interest option, as well as favorites, and recent destinations. Pretty much everything that you would expect in a turn by turn Nav App. Almost…

There are a few key things either missing all together or rough around the edges. First, there is no option to select a contact's address from your contact list. This is big for me because I have tons of contacts that I have yet to visit, however I have their address. I use this feature all of the time in my primary Nav App. The second thing I found a little lacking was the address input. There are times that I know the city, and I know part of the street name, but not all of it. Or sometimes I know the city and the street name but not exactly how to spell it. My favorite Nav App allows me to input the City name and as I'm typing the street name will show me all of the streets that start with that particular letter.  This is huge for me because (and this is bad I know) I never really listen fully to people when they give me directions or addresses. If I do, I rarely ever write them down. So what usually happens is I remember kind of what the street name is but not exactly. You can see how this can lead to a problem. In Navfree's defense, it's free! If Navfree was what I was using on a day to day basis for navigation, I would probably start listening and writing down addresses.  A couple of things Noted by Bryce who recommended this App to us. First, Bryce says that it didn't include any highway direction. It tells you that you're on highway i75 for example, but not in which direction you're going on that highway (it does however have a compass built in so I don't think this would be too big of a problem).  Second, Bryce says that it doesn't know all of the toll roads. I can't confirm this as we don't have any toll roads in Cincinnati, but in my testing the App knew all of the road names around here so that was a positive sign.


You didn't think you get everything for free did you? Navfree has in App advertising in the form of banners. The good news? With an in App purchase for only $3.99 you can get rid of those ads.

Perfect for you?

Is this App the perfect Navigation App? Nope. It is however the absolute best one for free that I've found. If you are dead set on not paying $30-$50 for a turn by turn Nav App, but still want to know where you're going, Navfree is for you. All I would recommend is this; be sure to write all of your addresses down so you can fill them in to the App.


You can get Navfree for the iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes
You can get Navfree for the iPad from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes

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