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iTrivia: All about Apple

How well do you think you know Apple's history? Apple has millions of fans. Some just like the products, others are fanatics that eat, breathe and argue everything about Apple with anyone who will listen. Many are somewhere in between. The iTrivia App aims to test your knowledge of all things Apple.  This game randomly selects 10 questions per game. Some questions are super easy, some are very hard. I've owned a Mac since 1984 and there are still several questions that I've gotten wrong. I guess that puts me somewhere in between the typical customer and fanatic. :) In any case this is a fun game to play when you have a few minutes to pass the time.

There is also a catch

You only have about 25 seconds to answer the question. Not quite enough time to Google it :) There are over 500 questions/answers in the game so you're not likely to get bored to quickly. The questions range in the categories of Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous. This game is a Universal App so that it looks great on all iOS Devices. Sadly there's no option to phone a friend.

While the game is GREAT, I'd love to see some mult-player options as well as sharing scores via social media. 

You can get iTrivia for $0.99 here from the iTunes


Grocery Gadget – Shopping List

Once I find an App that I like it usually takes a lot to get me to look at and move to a different App. Very few Apps are perfect and there is always room for improvement or a feature here and there. If I find an App that I really like then chances are even if there is a similar App out there, I'd be giving up a feature to move to the other App to gain a different feature. I say this because, many of you know that my favorite Grocery List App has been Grocery iQ for quite some time. Grocery iQ has worked very well for me and I really didn't have any major complaints with it. However, there was one problem in using it and it was something I never considered until I saw Grocery Gadget. Once I saw this feature in Grocery Gadget it became painfully obvious that this was the one feature that would solve my problem and make me switch.

The basics

Let's get the basics out of the way first. Grocery Gadget lets you add items to a list (or multiple lists) either manually or by scanning the product's barcode (a must have for me). You can enter additional details about the item such as the price and what category/aisle it's in. You can even enter your own custom comments about the item. If you do take the time to enter the item's price then Grocery Gadget will total up everything on your list so that you know approximately how much your grocery bill is going to be before you even leave the house. Although I'm not big on coupons it has a coupon feature too.

The big thing for me in any of these Apps is that they have to allow for cloud based syncing. The beauty with cloud based syncing is that your significant other can add things to your list over the air at any time. Whenever you happen to go shopping you just pull out your iPhone/iPod touch and your list is ready to go. So far I haven't mentioned a single thing that the App I was already using didn't do. However, Grocery Gadget adds one thing that made my shopping experience so much faster…

A picture is worth a thousand words

While it's great that my wife can add something to my list over the air, the problem arrises when I don't know what that item looks like. I remember standing there staring at 15 different kinds of Oatmeal reading each one to try to find the one that was on my list. Had I had a picture of what the box looked like I would have been able to find it in 2 seconds. Grocery Gadget allows you to have a picture of the item you're adding to the list. As a matter of fact if the picture is already in the database it will be added the minute you scan the barcode. If it's not in the database you can take your own picture when you're adding the item using the camera on your iOS device. This is the one feature that got me to switch over to Grocery Gadget immediately. I also like the fact that with Grocery Gadget you can manage your list via their website too.


The Bottom Line

Grocery Gadget is a great grocery list App and having the ability to add pictures to the items makes it the "BEST" App that I've seen to date. While I do really like it, there are a couple of things I'd like to see streamlined and added. First of all there is no native iPad version. I don't really care since I'm not going to take my iPad to the store. However, the iPad would be great to use at home to manage the list. Also if iPad 2 has a camera like the rumors are saying then I'll want an iPad version even more! Next, I would like to see a more clear distinction between Lists and Stores. Clearly you could have an item that is available at more than one store and while Grocery Gadget does allow for this, it doesn't make it obvious on how to assign a list to a specific store. I figured it out along with how to add stores, but it was in an obscure place. It's not the end of the world, but Grocery iQ does this better.

With a few minor interface tweaks, I'd gladly give this app a 5th star. If you're looking for the BEST Grocery List App for iOS (and Android), this is probably it!

You can get Grocery Gadget for iPhone/iPod touch for $4.99 here from the iTunes


Eventbrite Helps You Check In People At Your Event

EventbriteFrom time to time I host events that require registration, both for online events but also for in-person events. Instead of handling all this myself I have started to use an online service called Eventbrite. Since this is BestAppSite, I am not going to have a look at the service, but instead review their iPhone app which can be used as a help in checking people in at the doors.

This application integrates right into your Eventbrite account and is dependent on the information that you enter on there. When you launch the app you are presented with a list of your events that you can tap into (literally) and see the stats or start checking in people.

Since it syncs up to your account online, the information about which people you are checking in will be posted up there and by enabling their auto-sync feature, the app will be usable together with many iPhones at a multi-door event.

When it comes to checking in people, you can show the people in a list and tick off each person as they get there. This feature is great for smaller events. If you are putting on something bigger, the 2D barcodes that can be put onto the person’s ticket will help you check in people faster. Just use the built-in camera of the iPhone to scan the code and the person is checked in.

While the app does a very solid job at checking people in to a venue, I would like to see more options for editing your events, adding new attendees and managing everything from the app, compared to now being just a check-in app. As the world is becoming increasingly mobile, it is a shame that I must visit their website to change settings for my event. At least let me add or remove attendees from the app as a first step!

If you are using Eventbrite you should definitely download the app, seeing as it is free. The service itself (Eventbrite) is free for free events. For paid events, they take a slight cut out of each ticket as a processing fee.

Eventbrite Easy Entry - Eventbrite


TED: Inspiring Talks for Your iOS Device

I love to hear/see a great speaker in action! I love it even more when the speaker is inspirational and thought provoking. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) has been around since 1984 with the goal of spreading "Ideas worth spreading." I've heard various TED talks over the years without really paying much attention to the organization or the collective body of work. Recently a friend shared this talk by Simon Sinek on "How Great Leaders Inspire Action":


I liked it so much that I realized I'm probably missing out on more talks like this one that I would like. While you can find more of these kinds of talks on YouTube or subscribe to their podcast, I felt that it would probably be easier If I could get to them in one spot on my iOS devices.

TED for iPad/iPhone

I downloaded the TED App for iPad and I love it. It has a simple clean UI. You can search and stream talks right to your device as well as even download them into the App for offline viewing using the "Save Talk" button. This App is well organized and I really can't find anything much to improve about it. you can quickly get to related themes and watch the next video. Best of all this is all FREE!

You can get the TED App for iPad for FREE here from the iTunes

You can get the TED App for your iPhone/iPod touch for FREE here from the iTunes


iFotoGuide For the iPhone

I’ve never been a nature photographer. I shoot cityscapes from time to time, maybe a nice sunset, but by and large I can safely say that I’m a people photographer. The thing is, I like nature. I like pristine mountain views, and rushing rivers, I’ve just never been able to make a good frame of any of them. I’ll take the credit for the failure. It’s not the camera, not the location, not the subject; it’s definitely the photographer. Being not so good at nature photographs, I take any help I can get, be it a friendly word of advice (as in “stick to people”), or a piece of technology that gives me a slightly better chance at coming away with something worth keeping. The iFotoGuide for the iPhone is one of those pieces of technology. Packed into this one little App is everything you need to know about the location you are about to shoot, right down to the best place to grab some food after the light gets bad.

Location, Location, Location

When I say this “one” little App, what I actually mean is these three little Apps. You see, for each of the three locations available (more to come soon according to the developer) there are separate Apps. Currently you have your choice of Arches National Park, Yosemite Valley, and the one that I currently have, The Grand Canyon. The developer is hard at work on multiple other locations for 2011. You can view the coming locations, as well as suggest a location of your own at their website here (http://ifotoguide.com/?page_id=64) .
For a photographer, when it’s time to plan a trip to a picturesque destination there are many, many different things to consider outside of what one would normally think of when planning a regular vacation. The first thing to consider is the location. “The Grand Canyon” is not the location, it is the destination; the location is more defined than that. Yaki Point inside of the Grand Canyon is a location. Whether this is your first time, or you’ve visited hundreds of times, you probably don’t know all of the locations. This App can help. Before iFotoGuide it was up to the photographer to research great locations to shoot, the rules of the area, access points, best times to shoot, and so on. While it’s still probably a good idea to do some research on your own, iFotoGuide gets you going in the right direction. This App is loaded with great locations, as well as sample images from each spot. These locations are organized into the sub categories Sunrise Locations, Sunset Locations, and All Day locations. This is especially useful when planning your day inside of a massive area like the Grand Canyon. Not content with stopping there, clicking on the location shows not only a beautiful sample image, but also gives info about that specific spot including how to get there, photo advice for that particular location, and need to know information. Next to the INFO tab inside of the sample image is a map of the area including lodging, food, and camping. The map is static meaning it can’t be clicked on or used to pick a spot for your GPS to guide you to, but it’s still clear and precise none the less. For an interactive map, you have to back out two screens to the main menu where a “live” map has its own tab.

Full of features

This App has more than just pretty pictures and a map. On the main page you get Area Information, Park Information, Interactive Map, of course Photo Locations, a Photo Gallery, Sunrise/Sunset times, and an Additional Resources tab. Most of those tabs have sub menus including things like airport, transportation, lodging, shopping, campgrounds, restaurant, and weather information. Also included is a list of important phone numbers.
One especially interesting menu was Park Information. Under this tab you can find some great general info about the park, what wildlife you are likely to encounter (this might be helpful when choosing lenses to take), wildflowers, specifics on Day Hikes and Backpacking, available webcams, the current conditions, and most importantly Safety Concerns. You can never be to safe, especially when visiting an unfamiliar place.

A nice touch

An included tab that I was surprised by was Partner Discounts. Not only do you get a great App for the price, but you also get 20% off of Artistic Photo Canvas, and 15% off of Nik Software. I can’t say enough about the latter of the two. I thoroughly enjoy and use their Photoshop plugins on daily basis.

No better way to plan

If you’re going to one of the three available locations, I can’t think of a better way to plan. They have included everything that you could want, or need for a photo trip to these locations in one compact, easy to use App. Most likely your spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to take the trip, make sure you get the most out of it by downloading iFotoGuide.

You can get iFotoGuide for The Grand Canyon  for $4.99 here from the iTunes

You can get iFotoGuide for Yosemite Valley  for $4.99 here from the iTunes

You can get iFotoGuide for Arches National Park for $4.99 here from the iTunes

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