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If you’re an iPod Touch owner you are in the right place. These are all apps we have written about that can be used on the iPod Touch.

PhotoMarks — Watermark Photos

Photomarks – Watermark Photos


There are pros and cons to watermarking photos and I tend to do it more for identity/brand purposes than trying to protect the images from unauthorized use. It’s easy to add my logo to my photos on my desktop using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. However, on my iOS devices I have to rely on Apps and while I’ve got some good apps to accomplish this, I’m always up for looking at new ones that may do it better. The folks over at Bits&Coffee bill their Photomarks App as a “watermarking” App for photos and I would agree that it accomplishes this task. You can either capture a photo with the App or use one in your albums. Once you bring the photo up you can very very easily add text to it. You can lower the opacity, add shadows. change the color, change the font or the stroke. All the things you would expect to do with text. It can even pull the date and time from the image metadata and use that as part of your stamp. Once the text is in place you can pinch/zoom to size and rotate. Easy buttons for adding copyright and trademark symbols. As far as text goes, they’ve nailed it.

My disappointment came when I added my logo to a photo. I have my logo saved in my iPhone in various versions. I have a black version, white version and white version with transparency (ie. no background). I tried placing each one and no matter what, I was stuck with a white background. It seemed to ignore the transparency in my .PNG file which means that I can’t use this App as my default watermarking app. Once you do add a logo you can lower the opacity of it, scale it and rotate it.

Once you’ve watermarked your photo you can save it to the camera roll or share it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email right in the app. It’s a Universal App and therefore is native to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If they fix the transparent PNG issue and allow me to store my logo so that I wouldn’t have to keep importing it, I’d easily give this one 5 stars. If you’re looking for an easy way to add text to photos, this is it.


Instagram Adds Video, thumbs nose up at Vine


Apparently the folks at Instagram (Facebook) weren’t happy with Vine (Twitter) being so popular and they decided to add Video support to their popular photo sharing app. With the new 4.0 version of Instagram you can now post either pictures or up to 15 seconds of video with sound. Like some users I have mixed feelings about this. I think Instagram was doing pretty good at what it was already doing. Trying to be all things to all people rarely works. I would have almost rather seen them come up with a separate App for video so that people that want to post videos could do so and build a following of their videos. Nonetheless, it’s here and it’s probably here to stay. There are no surprises here in the interface. It works the way you would expect it to (very Vine like). You can switch from Camera to Video. You can hold down the record button to record continuously or do stop motion by tapping the button. I was a little surprised that you couldn’t choose an existing video on your camera roll though. This means you won’t be posting videos that you didn’t capture with your phone. That’s both good and bad. When recording your new Instavideo you can tap to focus. You can delete bad takes and once you have your masterpiece you can apply any one of 15 filters to it before posting. Thankfully since the videos can have sound you can turn OFF the autoplay feature in the preferences. Many will want to do that immediately. Nothing like scrolling through photos only to have a random video start blaring . It would be nice to have a pref to turn off videos period, but turning off autoplay will suffice. That means that I’ll only have to watch video that I actually want to watch by tapping to play them.

I like Instragram because it’s my one stop shop for posting pictures to social media. I simultaneously choose to post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, Tumblr and Foursquare (with check-in). I’ve not seen any other app that does that. I never really got into Vine and I now I will be less inclined to. My friends are on Instagram and now I can see their videos too (If I choose) in the one spot.

Let the booty shaking videos commence (LOL, but it’s true. You know it will happen).

Instagram - Burbn, Inc.


Behance and Creative Portfolio for iPhone and iPad


Behance.net is the largest online creative community with well over 1 million members. While I’m a member of several different photography sites to showcase my photography, Behance isn’t just focused on photography. It’s about all types of creative projects. It’s free to join. Once you join you can post projects that are a work in progress or completed. You can get inspiration from the over one million other creatives as well as get feedback on your own projects. There’s an iPhone App for Behance. With the Behance App you can follow the comments on your work. See the activity of the people you follow as well as post new work directly from your iPhone. You can also use the app to “Appreciate” the work of others and leave comment. Since Behance isn’t just limited to photography you can post your audio and video projects too. If you have an Adobe ID you can setup your Behance.net account by just signing in with that. Once you’re signed in/signed up, download the iPhone app and away you go interacting with your Behance community.

Download the Behance App here:

Remember to follow me on Behance here.


Your Behance Prosite Portfolio on your iPad or iPhone

While Behance.net is free to use, there is an option for “Prosite”. If you’re a Prosite member (included in your Adobe Creative Cloud membership) you can create a customized professional portfolio using any of your Behance Projects. You can completely customize the look and feel of your Prosite portfolio. Once your Prosite portfolio is built you can take it with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Just download the free Creative Portfolio App and sign in. Your Prosite projects will sync to your iOS device. This means that you can even show off your Portfolio if you’re offline. You can even show your work wirelessly on an Apple TV via Airplay. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud member head over to prosite.com log in and get your Portfolio started. Then simply download the Creative Portfolio app and enjoy showing off your Prosite Behance projects right from your iPhone or iPad.


Download the Creative Portfolio App here:

Check out my Prosite here.

Adobe Ideas – Vector drawing and illustration

7 Free Adobe Apps for your iPhone and iPad


Adobe makes industry standard Apps for your desktop that creatives rely on every single day. However, Adobe also makes some pretty cool iOS Apps too and the best part is most of them are FREE. Here are 7 that you should check out today!


Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas 1.1

Actually Adobe Ideas started out as a free App but then it went paid. The price was $9.99, but as of today it’s free again. With Adobe Ideas you can draw, sketch and even trace over a photo. The new version will even pull your color swatches in from your account on kuler.adobe.com. With your free or paid Creative Cloud account you can sync your creations to be able to access them in Illustrator on your desktop. Universal App for iPhone and iPad


Adobe Photoshop Express


While Photoshop Touch is the king when it comes to all the editing power you could expect on a mobile device, the Free Adobe Photoshop Express is great for doing basic things like adjusting the exposure of an image, cropping, framing, special effects and the best noise reduction I’ve seen in a mobile app.


Adobe Kuler


Adobe Kuler for iPhone has to be the most “fun” Adobe App for iOS. It allows you not only the ability to mix color themes with the color wheel, but you can also use your device camera to interactively capture the colors around you for inspiration in your creative projects. Once you capture or mix colors you can sync them to your free account on kuler.adobe.com and into Adobe Illustrator CC.

See my demo of Kuler here:



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