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If you’re an iPod Touch owner you are in the right place. These are all apps we have written about that can be used on the iPod Touch.


Contract Killer

While I don't play a lot of games I've always been a fan of sniper games. Even when playing Call of Duty on Xbox I get really excited when a sniper mission comes up. There's just something about taking your time and getting the shot at just the right moment that pleases me more than running around shooting at anything that moves. Contract Killer as the name implies puts you right in the middle of a situation where you're a hired killer to take out the bad guys. Each mission has an objective and primary target. There are civilians walking around so you have to be patient and wait for the target to appear. In most cases the target is not standing still and nor will the target be on screen for a very long time. You have to take the shot and make it count. If you miss you'll most likely end up in a gun fight with multiple bad guys shooting at you and you've only got so much ammo.


Good game play on iPhone and iPad

I started playing this on my iPhone 4, but then tried it as a universal App on my iPad too. I like playing it on both devices. Once you identify the target you can zoom in (raise the scope), aim and take the shot. Headshots get you more points, but a kill is a kill. While there is always a primary target, you can also get more points by quickly taking out the other bad guys on the scene before your time runs out. The game is free and you rack up money by completing the contracts. Like most of the games in this category you can use that money to buy more ammo, better weapons, etc. If you don't want to wait, you can use real money and In App purchases to buy what you need.


You can get Contract Killer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for free here from the iTunes


Facebook Messenger – Do we need it?

Facebook already has an iOS App called "Facebook". When I saw that they had come out with a separate Facebook Messenger app dedicated to sending messages to other Facebook users, I like many of you thought – why didn't they just build these new features into their existing App? That question remains unanswered, so let's take a look at the "new" Facebook Messenger App and what it does offer…


What's it for?

The Facebook Messenger App is designed to give Facebook users the ability to send messages to other Facebook users. Doesn't the Facebook App already do this? Yes, but the new Messenger App does a few things that the regular Facebook App doesn't. First of all and probably most important to me is that you can send pictures via this App to other Facebook users and they will see the photos whether they are using this App or simply logged into Facebook on their computers. Also with Messenger can not only send messages to other FB users, but any of your other contacts cell phones. This easily lets you skirt around any SMS limits you may have on your current cellphone plan. With messenger you can include your current location as well. This is especially helpful when trying to meet up with friends. Messenger does push notifications to let you know when you've received an incoming message.


What's missing?

While Messenger does what it does well, it has a couple of glaring omissions. The biggest one is that you can't see who is online right now and who isn't. The second one that I find really odd is that while the App does support landscape view, you can only compose new messages in portrait view. This will be a pain for two thumb messengers. Lastly and probably the most glaring omission is that like the existing Facebook App there is no native iPad version.


The Bottom Line

While I didn't really need a separate messaging App for Facebook, I will keep this one because it does things that the regular Facebook App doesn't do. I'm also fine with having a separate specialized App that's lean and fast, but i really don't see why these features couldn't have been added to the existing App and for God's sake please get the iPad versions out!

You can get Facebook Messenger for Free here from the iTunes


EyeTV Offers Remote TV Viewing


A while back I wrote a review of the EyeTV HD box that allows you to turn your Mac into a DVR (see the review here). The EyeTV HD plugs into your cable/satellite box and then records your shows to your Mac's hard drive. While that's cool for those that don't want to have to subscribe/pay for DVRs, there's another benefit. With the EyeTV App you can stream the live TV feed going into your EyeTV or the recorded shows to your iOS Device anywhere that you have an internet connection. It works over 3G or WiFi.


It does AirPlay too

Live broadcast of CNN playing to the Apple TV connected to the HDTV on the wall via the EyeTV App's ability to do AirPlay

I already had a solution for streaming my Comcast Cable feed and TiVo DVR to my iDevices. It's called Slingbox and the SlingPlayer App. Recently I moved into a New photography studio and while I have a couple of HDTV's for showing photos (via Apple TV slideshows/screen savers), I didn't want to pay for cable TV service or use antenas to pull stuff in over the air. What I was in search of was a way to stream TV content that I already pay for at home, from my iPad/iPhone to my Apple TV. Unfortunately to this day the expensive SlingPlayer App doesn't do AirPlay for video. However, the less expensive EyeTV App does! Eureka! I can go to my studio and if want to have TV I can just fire up my iPad or iPhone, launch the EyeTV App and stream the content to my HDTV (via Apple TV 2). 

How well does it work?

Like most streaming technologies, the playback is only going to be as good as your internet connection. When my internet connection is not doing a bunch of uploading/downloading of work, the EyeTV playback is really good. However, I've seen it stutter on occasion when the network was in heavy use by other workstations. With the EyeTV App I can remotely change channels, see my guide and of course see any shows that I've recorded to my Mac's hard drive. I can also schedule new recordings. This is all great, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete shows from within the App. It's a shame to have to be at home to delete a show that I no longer want to keep.  I really like the ability to "test" the network connection and adjust the bandwidth within the app for optimum playback. Even on a bad internet connection, the playback of the audio is always good. However, the video my stutter from time to time similar to the old Max Headroom show. 


The Bottom Line

If you have a Mac and you're looking for a way to enjoy TV content on the go, the EyeTV HD and EyeTV App are the way to go. Slingbox doesn't require a computer, but it costs more and their iOS App isn't as good. 

You can get the EyeTV HD here for $169.89

You can get the EyeTV App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $4.99 here from the iTunes


You gotta be fast on the draw with High Noon

I play a game here and there on my iDevices. Every now and then one comes along that gets me hooked. This time it's compliments of my friend Mia. She told me that her husband (a new iPhone user) was playing it all the time. I decided to give it a try this past weekend and why on earth did I do that? I haven't been able to put it down. I'm playing as I write this (just kidding). The concept is simple. It's the wild wild west and your iPhone/iPod touch is your six shooter. When you start a match you point your iDevice screen down and wait for it to vibrate. When it does, it's time to raise, aim and fire. This game takes advantage of the iPhone 4/4th gen iPod touch gyroscope. So it's more than just aiming left, right, up or down, your opponent may move around behind you and you have to turn around to get him/her in your sights. 

Play for free or pay for more stuff

It's like the Farmville concept in a way. You can download and play High Noon for free and have a great time. However, if you want to play for long periods of time you'll need more "energy". Well energy isn't free. At least not if you want it on the spot. You can either choose to rest (play later) for free or if you want to keep playing now you can buy some enery drink with your "wampum" (money). You accumulate wampum as you play and win. If you run out, you can buy more via in-app purchases starting at 30 wampum for $4.99. I'm not a fan of continuing to pay to play. I therefore don't plan to make any wampum purchases. When I run out of energy I look at that as a time to get some work done or play other games. 

Multiplayer only

The game ties into the Game Center. You can challenge your friends or random players. The more wins you get the more cash (gold) you get to buy better weapons. I can't believe someone through a bag of flour at me! The game is fun and does require practice to get good. You can practice against the computer dummy.  All-in-all it's a fun game to play. You can definitely play and have fun for free.

You can get High Noon for Free here from the iTunes


Simple Panoramic Images With DerMandar

Not too long ago to take a panoramic photograph you needed an expensive camera, and a tripod. Then digital came along with Photoshop making it possible to stitch together images to make a pano but you still needed a tripod and images that overlap each other. Now we have "an App for that". I've been playing around with DerManDar for about a week and a half now and I love it! This App makes it incredibly, incredibly easy to create a panoramic right in your iPhone, iPad2, or 4th Gen iPod Touch.  Not only does it make it easy to create them, but it makes it really easy to share them as well.

Making Panos Easy

What really makes this App nice is the "Ying and Yang". To create a pano with DerManDar you tap the camera button located at the bottom of the screen. The App utilizes the iPhone's gyroscope telling you when the phone is being held vertically via the ying and the yang at the top middle of the screen. Once you position the phone perfectly vertical the first picture will be taken. Then you rotate your phone to the left or the right (while keeping it vertical) until the ying and yang symbols come together. At that point the App takes the photograph automatically. You continue this until you have taken all of the images you want for the pano. Once you have taken all of the images that you want, you tap the camera symbol again. Stitching is done surprisingly quickly and your preview shows up within a few seconds. At this point you are presented with a pano that rotates from left to right full screen on your device. Tapping the "Keep" button at the top of the screen saves your newly created image to your camera roll. If that's all that you want to do with your image, you're done. If you want to share the image there are many more options.


There are a ton of options to share your image. Of course you can share via email. That is a must for any image App, but you also have the option of sharing via Facebook or Twitter. Beyond that, you also have the option to upload the image to the DerManDar site. Why would you want ANOTHER place to navigate to you ask.. Well, if you want to animate your image just like it's animated on your phone, their site lets you do it. You can link to your image on Facebook and other social networks (Google+ anyone?) by simply inserting the direct link to your image. This is a really cool feature that I have been taking advantage of. Of course you can always add your image like normal as I did above but I like the interactive version better. 

I recommended this App to a good friend of mine Frank Tuttle of Tuttle Images who happens to be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a week and he sent me a couple of really cool panos.




For the price of Free, this is a really good Pano App. Even if it wasn't free, this is a really good pano App. Head over to pick this App up now I'm betting you won't be disappointed.

Get DerManDar for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad2 at the iTunes store for FREE here iTunes

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