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If you’re an iPod Touch owner you are in the right place. These are all apps we have written about that can be used on the iPod Touch.


Postcard on the Run

I travel for a living and many times I get to see some really cool places and scenery. While I often share photos online and via social media sites, it's great sometimes to send someone a physical postcard. As a photographer though I like to send my own photos and not the ones off the rack. I've reviewed Apps in the past that let you do this from your iPhone, but this new one adds a few tricks. Postcard on the Run let's you snap a photo (or choose an existing one) with your iDevice, compose a message, choose a contact and then pay a small fee (postage and printing) to have the card sent directly to your contact's physical address. That's what they all do! However, I like a few things that Postcard on the Run does that the others don't do. First off it lets you sign the card with your finger or stylus which is a nice touch. Beyond that you can change the font and color of the text in your message. Lots of formatting options. Lastly the thing that intrigues me the most is the ability to include a small map of where you are at the time you compose the card. I love Apps that can use Location Services for stuff like this and this is really a nice touch. 

How does it work?

After you build your card in the App, you can then pay by credit card the one time charge to print and mail that card. I did a test and mine came to $1.49. I like that they don't make you buy a quantity of stamps/cards up front. You pay as you go. My test card came back and while the printing was decent, the image was a little dark. This is not uncommon with digital prints, so you may want to adjust your images to be about 5% brighter before you put them in the App. My only other complaint is that while the geotag feature is cool, you can't use it after the fact. For example, my test was with an image from Russia. However, I was at home when I did the test. The map in the app indicated my current location at home and not the one in the photo. From what I understand is that developers can't access the geotag info a photo after the fact and while this may be true, it would be nice to have to option of specifying where the photo was taken in the absence of current location info. A simple drop a pin on a map would be better than your current location or nothing at all. Otherwise, Postcard on the Run is a great way to send real postcards from your iDevice.

You can get Postcard on the Run for free here from the iTunes


Easy Release 2.0 Becomes a Must Have App for Photographers

As most of you know I’ve been using Model/Property Release and Contract Apps on my iPhone and IPad for a couple of years now. With each new update these Apps get better and better. Easy Release has been a favorite of mine for a while now because I just love the way the final release is formatted. However, one of things that it has lacked over the competition is more customizable fields. With 2.0 not only does Easy Release catch up in many key areas, but with a low cost in-app purchase you can go nuts with customizations!


 New, simpler user interface for managing and editing brands and custom release templates.
 You can now add any data field from your release to the legal text, using a complete set of placeholders.
 You can add “notes” for any release. These will not be included in the PDF file, but will be included in email you send from Easy Release.
 Support for the Advanced Customization Pro-Pack. The Advanced Customization Pro-Pack is a $3.99 upgrade available via In-App Purchase.

Advanced Customization Pro-Pack

The Advanced Customization Pro-Pack brings professional customization features to Easy Release.

 Multiple Brands
You can define more than one brand, and easily select the brand you want on a per-template and per-release basis.

 Optional Fields
You can turn off some of the old built-in fields, and/or turn on some new built-in fields.
– You can choose to turn off Witness, Gender and/or Ethnicity.
– You can turn on Shoot End Date, which allows your release to cover a range of dates, rather than just a single day.
– You can turn on Other Names. This adds two fields to your release: Stage Name and All Other Names. Use this to help collect required 2257 information for your models and performers.
– You can turn on Compensation. This adds two fields to your release: Amount and Tax ID.

 Custom Fields
If the built-in fields are not enough, you can now add custom fields.
– As many as you want
– Three types: Text, Long Text, and Date
– Specify a label and default value for each one
– You can mark any custom field as ‘required’

 Import/Export Custom Versions
Share custom templates via email. Recipients just click on the link in the email to import your template. <-This is a biggy for me keeping the same release forms on multiple iDevices!

If you’ve been waiting to get a Model/Property Release App, then wait no longer! You can get Easy Release for $9.99 here from the .


CardMunch – Business Card Reader by LinkedIn

Recently I reviewed a new business card reader by Readdle that uses OCR to translate the picture of the business card that you take to text. OCR is not perfect and therefore will usually require some manual checking, verifying and corrections. These corrections are made by you, a human. What if you could hand a stack of business cards to your Administrative Assistent and have him/her enter them for you? If you've got an Admin, then you probably can. For the rest of us it's up to us to get our Contacts entered on our own. One of my readers suggested that I take a look at CardMunch, so I did. 


CardMunch uses humans :)

The big difference between CardMunch and all the other Business Card Reader Apps is that when you take the picture of the business card with CardMunch, it uploads to a LinkedIn powered service that employs real human beings to transcribe the business card, proof read it and then send it back down to your iDevice with a push notification to let you know it's done. Best of all it's FREE! Wow! Once you upload the photo of the card via the App it can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes on average to get the transcribed card back. However, in every one that I've tried to date they have come back 100% correct requiring no further editing on my part. You are required to have a free LinkedIn account to use the App. Since the cards are being transcribed by humans it doesn't matter how complex the card is in terms of hard to read graphic backgrounds that would confuse the OCR based solutions. Once you get the transcribed card back down into the App you can then choose to add it to your iOS Contacts or just keep it in the app. Bonus Tip: When you turn your device to landscape orientation it gives you a cover flow style view of all your scanned cards. Cool!


Sounds great! What's the downside?

While this is very magical and seems perfect, there is one bit of concern and that is that you are submitting your business cards/contacts to a 3rd party. This may be a concern to those who have Privacy issues in general. 


You can get CardMunch for Free here from the iTunes


Acquire for Photoshop

When Adobe released the Creative Suite 5.5 updates Photoshop remained at CS 5. However, it did get one new capability in a free update and that was the ability to allow other Apps to remote control Photoshop. These Apps can be on iOS Devices, other mobile devices or even other Apps on your computer. Don't worry, this feature has to be enabled and it's password protected. Also the user has to be on the same WiFi/network as you. With that said, my buddy Brian Maffit (After Effects Guru) has helped develop this new App that allows you to use the camera on your iDevice and send the image wirelessly directly to Photoshop CS 5. 

How does it work

After setting up Photoshop to be a server (a simple process) and putting your iDevice on the same network, you fire up the Acquire for Photoshop App on your iPhone, 4th gen iPod touch or iPad 2 and snap a photo with the App. If you like the photo you can send it directly to Photoshop and it will open in Photoshop right before your eyes. The image comes over at full resolution and pretty instantly. Once in Photoshop you can do with it whatever you like. The big plus for me is that it can also send over screen shots taken with your iDevice. Since every review I do here has a screen shot, it makes it very easy to get them from my devices over to Photoshop to include in the review.  It's also important to me that the photos are still saved on the camera roll of the device too.


See it in action here:



The Bottom Line

This is a good use of Photoshop's new open/remote controllable architecture. My only small grip is that this isn't a Universal App. Yes, it works on the iPad 2, but I'd like to see it full size on the iPad without screen doubling. Otherwise it rocks!

You can get Acquire for Photoshop for $1.99 here from the iTunes


GoToMeeting: Participate in Meeting On Your iPhone or iPad

It is always nice to be able to participate in online meeting from wherever you are on any decide that you are on. The GoToMeeting app allows you to attend a GoToMeeting meeting or a GoToWebinar webinar from your iPad or iPhone. The application allows you to join and participate in a meeting. You will be able to see what is being shared as well as the attendee list (if the presenter has made that available). A major disadvantage to the GoToMeeting app is that it doesn’t offer the ability to host a meeting directly from the app. Joining a meeting works perfectly, however running one is impossible. Part of this reasoning might come down to the fact that GoToMeeting is, unlike Acrobat Connect, geared towards sharing your screen and to the far extend your webcam. Neither of these have up until very recently made much sense on an iPad (screen sharing is just not possible). Now that Apple has added a camera to the iPad 2, I want to see this app updated to support it.


If you participate in a fair few number of GoToMeeting meetings I would definitely get this app. Having it adds the opportunity of not having to sit in front of your computer to participate in the meeting. The app however is nothing that should make you think about switching from another online meeting provider.


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