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If you’re an iPod Touch owner you are in the right place. These are all apps we have written about that can be used on the iPod Touch.


CloudAlbums syncs your photos to Dropbox

If you've ever read any of my iPad portfolio App reviews here then you know that I usually ding them all on one thing I'd like to see and that is syncing with Dropbox.com. I love Dropbox and use it all the time for all kinds of things. I pay for their top tier (100GB of space) and have been very happy with the service to date. One of my uses for it is that I use one Adobe Photoshop Lightroom's features called "Hard Drive Publish Service" and this allows me to publish and update a select number of photos to a folder on my hard drive. That folder happens to be in my Dropbox folder. This way I can use sub folders for each subject of my portfolio (beauty, fashion, etc.) and that folder is then sync'd to not only all my computers, but it's also available via the Dropbox App on iOS and Android. What I would LOVE is a portfolio App that not only can load photos from Dropbox (which most do), but actually keep them in sync!

CloudAlbums answers this request

CloudAlbums is NOT a portfolio App. It doesn't have all the cool features of the dedicated portfolio apps such as customization, music, slideshows, transitions, etc., but what it does do is the one thing that the dedicated portfolio apps don't. It can actually "sync" your Albums with the photos in your Dropbox folder. This is great and it's exactly the feature I've been asking for from several developers. The problem is is that it's in the wrong app. :) Don't get me wrong, CloudAlbums isn't trying to be a portfolio app, so it's not their fault. CloudAlbums is an App that designed for ANY user that is tired of having to manually sync photos between your iOS devices and your computer via iTunes. While Apple is promising some cloud photo syncing features with iCloud, CloudAlbums is delivering this functionality today!

How does it work?

Once you launch they App you will be prompted to sign in or create a FREE Dropbox.com account. You can then create your Albums in the App and add photos to those albums via your existing photos on your device. As you might expect this is creating folders (one for each album) in an "Albums" folder in your Public folder. The minute you tap the sync button those photos will be uploaded to your Dropbox folder. While that's great, the real magic is when it works in the other direction. Now you can just drop photos into that folder from your computer and the next time you tap the sync button those photos will be added to your album in CloudAlbums. It's this two way syncing that all the other Apps lack.

As you would probably expect, there is photo sharing via email, Facbook and Twitter right in the App. You can also save images to your Camera Roll to be used by other Apps. There is one catch. While the App is FREE, you only get ONE Album for Free. If you want multiple Albums you can unlock unlimited Albums via a $1.99 In App Purchase. Once you've made the In App purchase you'll be able to easily create additional albums either on your iDevice or on your computer by just creating additional folders in the main Album folder.


The Bottom Line

CloudAlbums does EXACTLY what it claims to do and nothing more. The App is targeted towards a broad user base of iOS users that want to easily and wirelessly sync their photos to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you want more in terms of presentation of those photos then you're going to be disappointed. You can see your photos full screen and swipe between them and that's about it. It would be nice if you could rearrange the photos in an Album but I didn't see a way to do that. Lastly and probably most surprising is that there doesn't appear to be any support for landscape orientation and I find that to be very odd for ANY App designed to sync and display photos full screen. 

If you're looking for a way to "sync" photos with Dropbox.com and display them on your iOS device, this is it.

You can get CloudAlbums for Free here from the iTunes

You can sign up for a FREE Dropbox.com account here.


WiScale App

When Apple introduced iOS 4 one of the things they opened the door to was more device connectivity. Withings is delivering on the promise with an iOS connected Blood Pressure Monitor (read my review of the hardware here). The App doesn't really do you any good without the Withings devices. However, now with either the Withings WiFi Scale or their Blood Pressure Monitor you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to track your progress. With the Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) in particular your iOS device serves as the display. The BMP connects directly to the dock connector on your iDevice and you control it from the the touch screen. Once the reading has been taken your iDevice transmits the results to your free Withings account. You can even email the results to your doctor. 

While the App works well there is a little room for improvement. First off on the iPad in particular the graphs don't seem to be as optimized for the larger iPad display as they could be. In some cases I've even see seen the lines disappear as if they are too thin to display.  I'd also like to see some more sharing options besides just emailing the blood pressure info or sharing weighings with other Withings users I'd like to have my weight automatically emailed to my health coach each time I weigh myself. That is certainly not rocket science and very doable either from the online account or from the iOS App.  Other than that if you have the budget for the devices, they are a fun way to track your weight and blood pressure. It's nice that the App doesn't have to talk directly to the scale. This way you can just weigh yourself without having to first look for your iDevice. The App is sync'd with your account online and shows a push notification once a new reading is available. Nicely done.


You can get the WiScale App for Free here from the iTunes

Get the WiFi Scale here for $159

Get the Blood Pressure Monitor here for $129


GameBook: An Application for Golfers

GameBook: An App For Golfers

When I am not working and the weather holds up I very much like to go out for a round of golf. Being a gadget geek I have wanted to find the iPhone app that enhanced the golf round, while not being in the way. As a matter of fact, I actually dislike technology on the golf course, simply because I am there to relax in the nature. What I will not say no to is a well-executed app that takes my scorecard to the next level.


A friend of mine sent me a link to GameBook, an application that lets you keep track of your score live on the iPhone. When I downloaded it—it is a $0.99 app—I was a bit hesitant that it wouldn’t hold up. This hesitation soon went away when I found that the app does exactly what I want. It keeps track of my score live and basically becomes an enhanced scorecard.

A few of the benefits with the app, compared to a normal scorecard is that it is quick and easy to enter the score while walking to the next hole. You just pick up your iDevice and tap the correct score for the hole, which has already been pre-selected. Right when entering the score you get information about Birdie, Par or Bogey since it contains the slope score of a vast amount of golf courses out there.

What makes the app fun to use is the extras, which you may not otherwise use, such as special per-hole contests (closet to pin on par 3’s or longest drive) and the ability to play a secondary contest alongside your primary round type.

If you’re a golfer I suggest you give this app a go! It is hard to say if it is going to work for you since it is much to do with the personal feeling, especially when golfing. The app itself is very well made and at the price of $0.99, something that should well be tried out. I will this this though: My iPhone is in airplane mode from first tee to holing in on the last green.


100 Cameras in 1 Plus some for your iOS devices

A few weeks ago I reviewed Instagram, my new favorite camera/social media App for the iPhone. While Instagram gives you quite a few options in the way of filters to use on your photos, I'm always looking for more! 100 Cameras in 1 gives me tons of more options! Now, 100 Cameras in 1 isn't a new App, but with the integration into Instagram it has taken it up to the top of my favorites list of Photography Apps on my iPhone and iPad.


An Awesome App All By Itself!

To be fair 100 Cameras in 1 is a really nice App even without the Instagram integration. I first downloaded this App when my buddy Brad Moore (who happens to be one of the best concert photographers that I know) wrote about it on Scott Kelby's Pimpy Thursday blog post months ago. I was instantly surprised with the quality of the filters. There was a lot of time and effort put into development. I have seen so many "filter Apps" that produce cheesy, "not useful on virtually any image" filters just to raise the number of available filters. This App is not like that. Each filter is well thought out and designed, and while you're not going to be able to use every filter on every image to achieve a cool effect, the majority of the time most of the filters will produce something different and cool on any image.

Loading an image is simple. Launch the App and you are given a choice of taking a photo or create from library(note if you're on the iPad 1 you only get create from library since there is no camera). Once you have your image loaded you are presented with 10 pages, each containing 10 filters per page. There are small thumbnails next to each title to show you a preview. I say title not description because they really don't provide any sort of clue as to what the effect will do. Each filter adds a different effect to your image. Some are more bold than others, but each is unique. But wait there's more! The App isn't limited to the first set of 100 filters that you get initially. By tapping the more button on the upper right side of the screen you have a choice of 10 different sets of filters. That's 1000 filters total! Next to each group, the App tells you what subjects that particular set of filters is best for. Be it people, landscapes or the beyond they have something for everyone!

Of course just like any good mobile photography App, there is Social media integration. Offering uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Smugmug, and Dropbox right from within the App and of course transferring to Instagram( I'm getting to that). This App has you covered in the Social Media department!


Now to the reason that I have recently started using 100 Cameras in 1 a lot more as of late, Instagram integration. Here's the workflow. Take your image with the default camera App or through the 100 Cameras built in camera function. Add your filter to your image within the App. Click the share button on the bottom right of the screen and choose "Send to Instagram" from the options. The image is opened in the Instagram App giving you all of the editing options you would normally have within that App with the 100 Cameras in 1 filter already applied. This gives you the freedom to add your Instagram filters, and upload it to the Instagram community, Facebook, and Twitter just like you normally would! This integration has added literally thousands of possibilities to your image editing for Instagram.

You Should Get It!

Even if you're not a Instagram person (RC I'm looking squarely at you buddy) 100 Cameras in one is an awesome photography App to have on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If you ARE a fan of Instagram, you can't go wrong by adding thousands of possibilities for your filters. I would recommend this App to anyone that likes to take pictures on their iOS device.


You can get 100 Cameras in 1 for your iPhone or iPod Touch for $.99 Cents from the iTunes store here: iTunes
You can get 100 Cameras in 1 for your iPad from the iTunes store for $3.99 Here: iTunes


Magellan RoadMate Steps Up Its Game

For the past couple of years the top two Navigation Apps on iOS have been from Navigon and TomTom. Sure you may have your favorite and it may not be either of those two, but the reality is those two have been the most full featured Apps in this category, offering built-in Maps, updates on a regular basis and several options for the serious turn-by-turn navigator. In this latest update Magellan has come back strong with the kinds of features that I LOVE. First off Version 2.0 provides LIFETIME Map Updates. That's right, you pay for the App ONCE and never have to pay for a Map update again, no subscription fees, no other costs of any kind. If that's not enough, you also get LIFETIME Traffic Updates (something that the competition either offers as separate in-app purchase or not at all). 

Going beyond the basics

Let's skip past the basics that they all have. With any decent App in this category you can enter an address and have voice turn-by-turn GPS based directions to that address. Also if the App has built-in Maps like Magellan, TomTom and Navigon then you are NOT required to have an internet connection and use up a data plan just to navigate from point A to B. Any decent App is going to have a good selection of POIs (Points of Interests). All of the Apps I use have these things and I wouldn't use an App that didn't. So how do you distinguish yourself from the competition? USER INTERFACE and MORE OPTIONS! That's exactly what Magellan concentrated on in 2.0. I like to use known POIs whenever possible. The reason is that it simply saves time in the drudgery of manually entering an address. However, I don't want to have to download a weekly or monthly update of the App just to get NEW or updated POIs. Therefore Magellan integrated both Google and Yelp searching. Of course in order to use these two services you do need a data connection at that time. However, once you find the address you want it's just a tap away to start navigating to it and then you won't need the data connection anymore. As a matter of fact you could do all of your searching/route planing even before you leave the house/office while you're on WiFi. While having these two rock, I also noticed that they seemed to have nailed general POI searching via their built-in Map. I tapped Airport and it used my current location and simply found all of the Airports around me. Same goes for Coffee shops, etc. Where possible it uses the branded logo of the business and of course the name, address and distance away. You can not only do nearby, but also at your destination or along your route. Lastly the App is FAST! Very responsive on my iPhone 4.


The Bottom Line

While no Navigation App is perfect and there is always room for improvement, Magellan has proven with RoadMate 2.0 that they are serious about this category and will continue to apply pressure to competitors. I would now happily recommend this App as a choice when it comes to turn-by-turn navigation on iPhone or iPod touch. I already use their Car Kit exclusively as it is the best designed one out there.  Lastly, Magellan can we now get some iPad love? ;-) As much as I never batted an eye when I 1st saw native iPad navigation Apps, I realized the benefits of using one while in Europe as I could use my iPad for navigation without sucking down the battery of my iPhone since I didn't have a charger with me in the rental car. Having the big screen was also a joy.

Well done Magallan!


You can get Magellan RoadMate USA for $34.99 here from the iTunes

You can get Magellan RoadMate North America for $39.99 (BEST DEAL as it included Canada) here from the iTunes

You can get Magellan RoadMate Canada & Alaska for $34.99 here from the iTunes

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