TripIt Now Available On The iPad

TripIt for iPad

I have said it a lot. Terry has said it a lot. TripIt [] is hands down the best service for keeping track of your travel itinerary. The best part of the service is that it is free! Yep, you heard me right, using TripIt doesn’t cost you anything at all (unless you opt for their pro version with more features).

Almost a year ago, TripIt rolled out their own iPhone application which was great in many ways and let you keep track of your itineraries in a very smart and straightforward way. What has been missing for all this time is a native app for the iPad. Wait no more. TripIt is now on the iPad.

In the latest update to the TripIt application, it became a universal binary which means that it runs natively on the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. The interface on the iPad is pretty similar to that of the iPhone, except it is using all the extra real-estate of the iPad very well.

Using the TripIt app in portrait orientation is a bit clunky, considering you have to open the pop-out bar in order to go to a trip and then again for the trip details. I would prefer if it stayed open when selecting my trip so that I could easily check the details as I want.

A major missing feature on TripIt for the iPad is the ability to edit and add plans like you now can on the iPhone. Sure the implementation on the iPhone is just taking you to their mobile version of the service in an embedded browser, but it is still easy and painless to add and update the itinerary. On the iPad? Impossible!

If you are traveling a whole lot or just once in a while doesn’t really matter. TripIt is one of these must haves if you do travel. The account is free and the app is free (ad-supported unless you are a pro member, or pay for the app).

Get TripIt for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch: TripIt - Travel Organizer - TripIt


TripIt: Manage Your Travel Itineraries

TripItI just returned from a wonderful and refreshing vacation which did, surprisingly enough, include traveling. Terry has covered some of his favorite traveling apps before, including TripDeck and FlightTrack Pro and they are very close to my heart to, syncing with TripIt, the online service that just makes it easy to manage your itinerary.

At the time Terry had a look at TripDeck it outran TripIt’s own application by miles (pardon the pun). Months later however and TripIt has for a while had a new version of their iPhone app available, putting some more power into our hands. So, how well does it work?


Let us start with the interface, like I always do in my reviews. TripIt does not have a bad interface at all, but can still make improvements.

For the main listing page of all your trips, they have used a very standard design built up by a table with all your trips and a tab bar at the bottom, giving you a choice between the different sections.

When you get into a trip, it is still very consistent. Clear icons are showing you what type of event it is (flight, train, activity etc.) and a heading shows you which date it is on. If you are using TripIt Pro, it will display a clear bar at the top which hopefully is green, meaning that everything is scheduled and OK (in terms of flight tracking).