Don’t Forget the Apple iTunes 12 Days of Christmas App

As every year, Apple has decided to have their 12 Days of Christmas from today and on. Make sure you download their app and check it every day for new free stuff (music, apps etc.).

First out today is Coldplay's live-EP, recorded live (no kidding!) during the iTunes festival in London this summer. Nobody but Apple knows what is going to be available tomorrow, but don't forget to open the app tomorrow and find out.

NOTE: This app is only available for European stores and as an addition this year, Canada. If you use the US iTunes Store, this app is not available for you.



iCloud Features Are Here Today!

Yesterday Apple showcased iOS 5, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and the New iCloud Service. While IOS 5 won't officially be available until this Fall, Apple has already turned on the "Purchased" button in the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store of your iOS devices! This means that you can easily download songs, books and Apps on your devices that were purchased on your other devices. But wait, it get's better! If you go to your iTunes Store Settings in the Settings App you can even turn on Automatic downloading for Apps, Music and/or iBooks so that any new purchases you make on any of your devices is automatically downloaded to any of your iOS Devices. I tested this by downloading a couple of Free iPad apps on my MacBook Pro. They immediately started downloading on my iPad too. Sweet!

You can watch the Apple/Steve Jobs WWDC 2011 Keynote here.

iTunes 9.1 Update Adds iPad Support

Apple has updates iTunes to 9.1, giving it support to sync with the new and upcoming iPad which will be released in a few days. You will be able to store books in your library with the update, as well as actually have it recognize the iPad as a device.

If you are not getting the iPad, you can still enjoy the update as it allows you to rename, rearrange and remove Genius Mixes that you have created.


How to Create a Custom iPhone Ringtone in iTunes for FREE

One of the questions I get from my iPhone buddies all the time is “How do I create a Custom iPhone Ringtone from a song I already have?” Although Apple does a great job in letting you create iPhone ringtones in iTunes via the iTunes store, there’s actually a way to do it with the songs you already have and ones you didn’t buy from the iTunes Store. Rather than walk you through this with a bunch of text, I thought it would be easier just to show you. So I recorded this video: