As good as the on screen keyboards  may be on the iPhone/iPod touch and now the larger iPad, I don't like to enter large amounts of text on them. The iPad is great, but I could never see creating a text heavy document on it without using an external keyboard. Well if you have a Mac or PC, then you already have an external keyboard. Sure you can sync notes, Contacts, Calendar entries, etc. from your computer to your mobile device, but what if you want to send something quickly and just once? 

myPhoneDesktop creates a wireless sync between your computer and your iPhone/iPhone touch/iPad

It's very easy to setup and use. Once you install the App on your mobile device you create a free account and turn on Push Notifications. Now you can either download the desktop version of the App for your Mac or PC and log in with the same account user name and password that you created or log in to the site. Then you can type or copy and paste the text you'd like to send to your device and click the Show button. You'll get a Push Notification on your device and once the App launches you can then use the text in any App you want via Copy and Paste or directly via the Share menu. So if you have a long complicated URL that you need to go to your iPad, or you want to send a long SMS message on your iPhone, or you want to add a photo to a contact on your iPod touch, you can create this content on your computer and send it right to your device over the air.

You can get myPhoneDesktop here from the App Store:  myPhoneDesktop ? Phone on your Desktop