Co-Pilot Live Navigation On Sale


Co-Pilot Live Is On Sale!

I just found out that ALK Technologies (the maker of Co-Pilot Live) has just put one of the best turn by turn GPS Apps on sale for the holiday season. Not just on sale but 50% off!!  Terry Wrote about Navigon yesterday, and Today we have this one. It seems like GPS Apps are the "Must have gift" this holiday season. Don't wait, buy them now either for yourself or for that special loved one that gets lost all of the time as a gift!


Get Co-Pilot Live Premium USA for $9.99 from the iTunes Store here: iTunes

Get Co-Pilot Live Premium North America HD for $14.99 from the iTunes Store here: iTunes

Get Co-Pilot Live Premium North America (non HD) for $12.99 from the iTunes store here: iTunes


Magellan RoadMate Steps Up Its Game

For the past couple of years the top two Navigation Apps on iOS have been from Navigon and TomTom. Sure you may have your favorite and it may not be either of those two, but the reality is those two have been the most full featured Apps in this category, offering built-in Maps, updates on a regular basis and several options for the serious turn-by-turn navigator. In this latest update Magellan has come back strong with the kinds of features that I LOVE. First off Version 2.0 provides LIFETIME Map Updates. That's right, you pay for the App ONCE and never have to pay for a Map update again, no subscription fees, no other costs of any kind. If that's not enough, you also get LIFETIME Traffic Updates (something that the competition either offers as separate in-app purchase or not at all). 

Going beyond the basics

Let's skip past the basics that they all have. With any decent App in this category you can enter an address and have voice turn-by-turn GPS based directions to that address. Also if the App has built-in Maps like Magellan, TomTom and Navigon then you are NOT required to have an internet connection and use up a data plan just to navigate from point A to B. Any decent App is going to have a good selection of POIs (Points of Interests). All of the Apps I use have these things and I wouldn't use an App that didn't. So how do you distinguish yourself from the competition? USER INTERFACE and MORE OPTIONS! That's exactly what Magellan concentrated on in 2.0. I like to use known POIs whenever possible. The reason is that it simply saves time in the drudgery of manually entering an address. However, I don't want to have to download a weekly or monthly update of the App just to get NEW or updated POIs. Therefore Magellan integrated both Google and Yelp searching. Of course in order to use these two services you do need a data connection at that time. However, once you find the address you want it's just a tap away to start navigating to it and then you won't need the data connection anymore. As a matter of fact you could do all of your searching/route planing even before you leave the house/office while you're on WiFi. While having these two rock, I also noticed that they seemed to have nailed general POI searching via their built-in Map. I tapped Airport and it used my current location and simply found all of the Airports around me. Same goes for Coffee shops, etc. Where possible it uses the branded logo of the business and of course the name, address and distance away. You can not only do nearby, but also at your destination or along your route. Lastly the App is FAST! Very responsive on my iPhone 4.


The Bottom Line

While no Navigation App is perfect and there is always room for improvement, Magellan has proven with RoadMate 2.0 that they are serious about this category and will continue to apply pressure to competitors. I would now happily recommend this App as a choice when it comes to turn-by-turn navigation on iPhone or iPod touch. I already use their Car Kit exclusively as it is the best designed one out there.  Lastly, Magellan can we now get some iPad love? 😉 As much as I never batted an eye when I 1st saw native iPad navigation Apps, I realized the benefits of using one while in Europe as I could use my iPad for navigation without sucking down the battery of my iPhone since I didn't have a charger with me in the rental car. Having the big screen was also a joy.

Well done Magallan!


You can get Magellan RoadMate USA for $34.99 here from the iTunes

You can get Magellan RoadMate North America for $39.99 (BEST DEAL as it included Canada) here from the iTunes

You can get Magellan RoadMate Canada & Alaska for $34.99 here from the iTunes


Navfree GPS for iPhone and iPad


Over here at Best App Site we pride ourselves in bringing you the best Apps on the market.  Because of the nature of business, most Apps that are really good cost something. Before you fill our email box I know that there are a ton of Apps out there that are awesome and are free but most of those Apps are developed by large corporations like Facebook, or Google. That said, Navfree is the BEST free Navigation App that I have ever seen. One of our readers Bryce Allaire suggested this App to us, and I want to say thanks to Bryce for that! This App has most of the features that our favorite paid navigation App Navigon has, with the great price point of Free. If you've been looking for a turn by turn navigation App but haven't wanted to shell out the money, read on, this might be the App for you.

Almost Everything You'd Want

When I first fired up Navfree I wasn't expecting much more than a map that offered turn by turn directions. What I found was a really full featured App that had some things that I would consider must have's in a $30-$50 Nav App, but certainly wouldn't have expected them to be housed within a free version. Not only does Navfree offer Google search for points of interest, but it offers Facebook and Twitter location posts as well. There is access to your music right from the home screen, and a 2d option just a tap away. It has a standard navigate to address option, a point of interest option, as well as favorites, and recent destinations. Pretty much everything that you would expect in a turn by turn Nav App. Almost…

There are a few key things either missing all together or rough around the edges. First, there is no option to select a contact's address from your contact list. This is big for me because I have tons of contacts that I have yet to visit, however I have their address. I use this feature all of the time in my primary Nav App. The second thing I found a little lacking was the address input. There are times that I know the city, and I know part of the street name, but not all of it. Or sometimes I know the city and the street name but not exactly how to spell it. My favorite Nav App allows me to input the City name and as I'm typing the street name will show me all of the streets that start with that particular letter.  This is huge for me because (and this is bad I know) I never really listen fully to people when they give me directions or addresses. If I do, I rarely ever write them down. So what usually happens is I remember kind of what the street name is but not exactly. You can see how this can lead to a problem. In Navfree's defense, it's free! If Navfree was what I was using on a day to day basis for navigation, I would probably start listening and writing down addresses.  A couple of things Noted by Bryce who recommended this App to us. First, Bryce says that it didn't include any highway direction. It tells you that you're on highway i75 for example, but not in which direction you're going on that highway (it does however have a compass built in so I don't think this would be too big of a problem).  Second, Bryce says that it doesn't know all of the toll roads. I can't confirm this as we don't have any toll roads in Cincinnati, but in my testing the App knew all of the road names around here so that was a positive sign.


You didn't think you get everything for free did you? Navfree has in App advertising in the form of banners. The good news? With an in App purchase for only $3.99 you can get rid of those ads.

Perfect for you?

Is this App the perfect Navigation App? Nope. It is however the absolute best one for free that I've found. If you are dead set on not paying $30-$50 for a turn by turn Nav App, but still want to know where you're going, Navfree is for you. All I would recommend is this; be sure to write all of your addresses down so you can fill them in to the App.


You can get Navfree for the iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes
You can get Navfree for the iPad from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes


Navigon Apps Half Off Sale

Get the Navigon North America App for only $39.99 here from the NAVIGON <-My favorite Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation App

Get the Navigon USA App for only $24.99 here from the NAVIGON


Navigon is celebrating their birthday with a Half Off Sale on their iPhone/iPod touch GPS Navigation Apps. My Region Apps normally go for $24.99, however for a short time they are only $14.99 each!

Now you can get: MyRegion US East – covering: (AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA, ME, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, Ri, SC, TN, VT, VA, WV) On Sale for $14.99

MyRegion US Central – covering: (AL, AR, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NE, NM, ND, OH, OK, SD, TN, TX, WI, WY) On Sale for $14.99

MyRegion US West – covering: (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY) On Sale for $14.99


Need a little more? Say two regions? No worries, just buy the main region you need and you can expand your coverage with an in-app purchase of up to two additional regions. So this way you can start with the main region you need, but add on later and only if you need to. This is the kind of pricing that I felt these GPS Navigation Apps should have had all along! So don't hesitate. Jump on these Sale prices while the getting is good. Also if you have an iPod touch or you just want a great Car Kit to go with your Navigon App, check out this one by Magellan.


My setup above is:


FAQ: Yes, all of the Maps are built-in to the App. No, you don't need a data connection while you're using it (except for the weather, parking and Google POI search). No it does't require your data plan (except for the 3 things I just mentioned). No it doesn't require a Car Kit unless you're using an iPod touch, which doesn't have a GPS (the car kit does). No, there are no monthly fees. You buy the App and you're done.

Navigon outs another update!

Navigon is certainly keeping the pressure on its competitors in the GPS navigation space. They've just released another update that features:

  • Enhanced Pedestrian Navigation
  • Google Local Search – Yay!
  • Coordinate Input
  • SOS/DirectHelp
  • Turn-byTurn RouteList
  • Manual zooming in 2D and 3D while navigating
  • Favorites are being displayed in the map
  • Country info when crossing borders
  • Switch between "Music" and Audiobook" mode for iPod playback
  • Phonebook contacts can be selected as interim destinations
  • Using contact groups in the phone is now possible
  • Faster start up time – Yay!
  • Traffic messages can be easily browsed by sliding the screens

1.4.0 is a Free update to existing users. It's my favorite iPhone navigation app to date. It's ON SALE for only $59.99 now through 1/11/2010. Get it here from the App Store: MobileNavigator North America