Simplenote Makes Note-Taking Simple Indeed!


Finding a good system for notes has been very hard for me in that most systems have been too obtrusive, requiring me to go through a process of organizing and sorting, each time I just wanted to jot down a simple reminder note.

This one requirement has ruled out solutions like Evernote, who have a superb note system in place but just take too long for me to work with. Enter Simplenote, a much quicker option.
Simplenote is a text based solution, with no RTF in it by default, it is just plain text. For many, this might be a downside, but I find it to be just what you need most of the time. If you, however, require the features to be able to style your text using a simple editor as well as insert images, Simplenote is not going to be for you.

What Simplenote does best however, is give you the clean way for creating notes. The app is available for free both on the iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad and works in a very simple way. Just launch it and tap the plus sign to begin editing a note. Even though the app and service has support for basic tagging, I find it much easier to implement this as part of the file name. For example, instead of adding a tag, I just prefix my note with say: “bas:review”. When I start searching, I can filter down as far as I want, first to bas, which will show me all notes containing that keyword, then if I want the sub-group. Finally, I get the title of the note. Simple!

Simplenote - Codality



CourseNotes for iPad: Note-taking for Students


I would like to think that my iPad could eliminate the need for me to carry different note pads with me to several of my classes, instead taking “just” my iPad. While browsing the App Store a couple of weeks ago, I found an app which looked very promising for this, CourseNotes.

Good Looking and User Friendly Interface

One of the reasons why I decided to give CourseNotes a go was that it looked well from the screenshots and the app icon. After using the app for two weeks now to see how well it works I have found the interface to be helpful to me in that it allows me to find what I need quickly. This is essential when in a class as to not miss out on anything because you wanted to say, start a new note.

Managing Subjects and Creating Notes

Setting up CourseNotes, you can add all the subjects you wish to take notes for. Each subject can have an icon attached to it so that you can visualize which one it is quickly. This course setup screen also lets you type in your instructors name and also a subject website (if there is one).




Awesome Note: Stylish Note-Taking


One of the app categories where there are a big field of apps to choose from, is in the note taking field. One of all apps these apps is Awesome Note, combining both the note taking and task management into one single app.

The Interface

There is perhaps a reason why the app is called “Awesome Note”. It is pretty awesome, especially the interface! It does not adhere to the Apple interface guidelines and does not really look like the typical iPhone app. I do mean that in the best way possible.

See, there are a few apps that can get away with using a different interface than the standard, usually as long as it is useful and looks stunning, Awesome Note is definitely on of them, with a gorgeous interface.

Get it here on the App Store: Awesome Note (+Todo)