When I was a kid I distinctly remember having a game that had a row of "Jack in the boxes" each with a different switch that released the hidden shape or animal to pop up through the trap door. Each of the switches was different. One would be a round button that you pushed, one would be a toggle switch that you flipped, one would be a nut that you turned, etc. My twins even had a variation of this when they were 2 or so and they're only 5. Now we have it on the iPad but only better! Kids Place brings you Peekaboo Pets, an interactive learning tool designed to teach kids animal names, sound and picture correlation.

Just like the traditional game, each animal has a different button that requires a different movement. This does two things. First, it keeps things different for the kids so they don't get bored, and second, it helps with fine motor skills. Whether it's a switch or a button, the movement is never too difficult.

Once the animal is released from the trap door, the sound that it makes is played through the speaker or headphones. Touching the picture below the animal plays the sound again, and if you're kids are like mine, it will play it again, and again, and again… Touching the name of the animal below the switch plays the animal's name. This is my only complaint about the App. It sounds like the narrator sounds to be from England which, makes some of the pronunciations a little "different" than what we are used to.

The Bottom Line

This is a simple App. Sometimes however, the simple Apps are the most effective. This is one of those Apps. It's so simple that it is really, really effective in teaching animal names, pictures, and sounds to toddlers. If you have a toddler, it's a definite must have. This is a universal binary meaning that it will work on both the iPhone and iPad. The layout is exactly the same and I wrote this review kind of late so I didn't have any screen shots to show you.


You can get Peekaboo Pets for the iPad and iPhone from the iTunes store for $1.99 here: iTunes