Do you like playing Scrabble when you're gathered with friends? Okay, honestly who really has time to sit around at home and play Scrabble for hours? The solution is Words With Friends! Words With Friends is a Scrabble like game that is played on not only iPhone, iPad, iPod touch but also many other popular mobile phone platforms including Blackberry and Android so you can play with just about any friend.

How does it work

The rules are just like with Scrabble (at least what I can remember of it). The first player starts off by creating a word in the middle of the board. One letter must cover the "star" on the center of the board. Words can be made top to bottom and left to right. No words made backwards or from the bottom to the top. Multiple letters from a word can be used (look at "QUIZ" in the example photo above to see what I'm talking about). Each letter is worth a set amount of points and all of the pieces within a word are added up to get your total score for your particular play. There are special squares that will give you extra points on the board when you place pieces on top of them. For example TL stands for triple letters. This means that whatever letter you put on it you get triple the points listed on the piece. For a complete rundown of what these abbreviations mean, see the in game instructions.


Why Words With Friends is a must have game

If you're anything like me, you are at least semi competitive and enjoy competing with friends. But if you're like me, you also don't have time to sit down for hours at a time and play a board game. Words With Friends lets you fulfill your need for competition and allows you to do it at your leisure. Play a word, then wait for the other person to play one back. Don't have time to play today? No problem, there is no time limit so you play when you're ready.


Free VS Paid

There is a paid version of this App, however if you don't mind a quick ad after you play a word, the free version has all of the same features so I recommend the free version.


Bottom Line

If you like interacting and competing with friends but don't have a large chunk of time to dedicate to it, Words With Friends is for you. I (along with many of my friends) are addicted to Words With Friends and my bet is that you will be too!


You can get Words With Friends free for the iPhone from iTunes for free here:  iTunes
You can get Words With Friends HD Free for the iPad from iTunes for free here:   iTunes