I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of a radio listener. However, when I saw this App on my sister's iPhone I was curious and decided to check it out. There are a couple of local radio stations that I do listen to from time to time. However, where I live the reception can be iffy at times. Most of these stations have the ability to broadcast over the internet via their websites, so it makes sense that there would be the possibility of an App that can consolidate them and stream them. TuneIn Radio is a brilliant App that allows you to listen to and even record over 40,000 radio stations including both AM and FM. Two out of the three stations I tried were available. The last one, 92.3 The Mixx, is run by Clear Channel Communications and a audio message plays that says "Clear Channel Stations are not available on this device through Radio Time. Please contact Clear Channel Communications if you like to hear this station through this application or device." I guess that means it's not one of the 40,000 stations they have yet. Oddly enough 92.3 here in Michigan is streamed via their own website. Outside of that one station the experience has been great. 

Streams over AirPlay too

One of things I thought about after my first time trying the App was, does it support AirPlay (wireless streaming of the audio to an AirPlay compatible device such as Apple TV or Airport Express)? The answer is YES! I was able to easily stream music from the iPad to my kitchen speakers. I would say my only wish/complaint would be a simpler way to bookmark stations. The only way I've seen to do it is to go to your Location on the Map, tap the pin for your city and then when the list of stations comes up you can bookmark the ones you want on the righthand side. Otherwise the App is very very cool!

You can get TuneIn Radio for $0.99 here from the iTunes