One of the things I've wanted since day one on the iPhone was a built-in list of SMS text responses. I had this feature way back when on my Palm Treo. So I'm still stunned that it's not built-in to the iOS. Nonetheless, there's now an App for that. SMS Quicky addresses this need cleanly and easily. The App is very easy to use. You launch it and there are some canned responses already available. You can of course add as many of your own responses as you need. Then when you need to use a response, just launch the App and tap the response you want to use. That response will automatically be sent over to the messaging App in a new message. That's it! Straight and to the point.

I want copy and paste too

While the App performs exactly as described, I would like the option of perhaps holding my finger down on a response to copy it to the clipboard instead of sending it to a NEW SMS message. This way I can use the App for other things like email responses, and responses to existing SMS threads or in other 3rd party Apps that I use like TextNow. Also it would be great to implement this App/feature as an optional keyboard. That way if I'm already in the Messages App I could just switch to the special keyboard to pick canned messages to insert. Lastly once a template is created there doesn't seem to be a way to rearrange their order or edit one. If you want to edit it you have to delete it and create a new one. If you add a copy function, editing and manual sorting to this App, I'd gladly give it that 5th star 🙂

You can get SMS Quicky here from the Quicky!