OmniFocus Adds Siri Support

OmniFocus for iPhoneA couple of days ago OmniFocus was updated to its latest version, adding support for amongst some other things, Siri. Not having an iPhone 4S myself, I can't judge how well it works, but the idea appeals to me a lot.

Being able to through Siri create a new to-do item, on the go, without having to touch my phone really makes Siri become more of my personal assistant.

All Siri-created to-do items are saved to your inbox just like any quick entry items would have been. You can then choose to file them under projects and contexts just like you would any other item.

Additionally, OmniFocus has fixed a few bugs and changed the way items are sorted in Forecast mode, displaying inbox items at the top followed by other due items.

As usual, this version of OmniFocus is available as a free update that can be downloaded from the  iTunes
. If you don't have the app already, it sells for $19.99.


Camera+ is Back in the Store with Updates!

Camera+ 2.0Back in August I had a review of Camera+ up, just a day after it got pulled from the AppStore for a secret feature that you could enable, assigning the volume control buttons on the iPhone as the shutter control button. This was a bit sad to see as the app is brilliant. This is why I am now very pleased to be able to review an update to the app, Camera+ 2.0, which is now available again in the App Store!

This review is very much going to focus on what is new in Camera+ 2.0 and if the changes are for the better or not.

Camera+​ - tap tap tap

Touch Exposure & Focus

Why leave the best until last? The most brilliant new feature in the update, which makes Camera+ my favorite photo application currently out there. Sure, the built-in camera application lets you touch to focus and in a way do touch exposure as well, however it will measure the light at the point of focus. Of course this means that you either get a perfectly exposed photo, or one that is in focus.

The beauty here is that you can control both exposure and focus separately and the way it works isn’t all that bad. Focus is, like in the built-in camera app, done by tapping anywhere in the scene. To set the exposure, you touch with a second finger at the same time as you are focusing. Being able to set these independently is just amazing to me and will make iPhone photos much better. The only downside is that the control is slightly clunky while trying to hold the iPhone still and then take a photo at the same time.

Note: This feature is only available on the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 running iOS4.



iOS 4.2(.1) is finally here – My favorite updates!

After being in beta to developers for over a month, iOS 4.2.1 is now released to everyone through the usual updating process in iTunes. Finally everyone gets to enjoy the added benefits on iOS 4 on the iPad with the great additions.

As an iOS developer, I get to enjoy the betas and pre-releases of all iOS software and thus I have been able to play around with this for about a month so this post is all dedicated to the additions that I have found very useful and some downsides to the update as well.

All iOS 4 features are on the iPad!

Most key new things in iOS 4.2 revolve around the features introduced into iOS 4 this past summer. Let me tell you that it is absolutely wonderful to see these finally coming to the iPad. Now I am not really that excited about the multitasking bit and being able to stream music in the background because I tend not to use my iPad for just that. Maybe I am weird in this way but music is on my iPhone, which is usually next to me whenever I am on the iPad anyway.

Related to the multitasking however is the fast app switching and this is a lovely feature, especially on the iPad. Since iOS 4 came out on the iPhone I have been constantly annoyed when I close an application that I am not launched into the very same position the next time around. This is one of the features that you just get used to, very quickly!

What my favorite addition is you ask? For the iPad, this is probably the unified single mail inbox! Around half of my iPad use relates to doing some sort of work and the email bit has had me grumpy since getting used to the new way on the iPhone. I am so glad that it is now in the iPad as well.



Navigon for iOS 4 is here with New Features

My favorite iPhone/iPod touch turn-by-turn GPS navigation App just got better. The 1.6 update brings iOS 4 compatibility, which of course the big news here is that it continues to work in the background if you receive a call. That's right! You'll continue to receive voice directions if another App is running in the foreground. Also once you end your call the App will take about 1 second to update the screen with your current position. That's not all. Navigon also updated the maps to the latest versions and they've added weather info for both your destination and while you're in route as well as available parking at your destination.


I took it for a test spin


Over the weekend I took the New updated Navigon App for a test drive and without even having to plan ahead, I received a call while navigating. I took the call over the hands-free bluetooth in my car and the voice prompts continued. Once I hung up from the call I was immediately returned to the app. If you want to still see the display while you're driving you can just use fast app switching in iOS 4 to go right back to Navigon and continue talking. 

My setup above is:


FAQ: Yes, all of the Maps are built-in to the App. No, you don't need a data connection while you're using it (except for the weather, parking and Google POI search). No it does't require your data plan (except for the 3 things I just mentioned). No it doesn't require a Car Kit unless you're using an iPod touch, which doesn't have a GPS (the car kit does). No, there are no monthly fees. You buy the App and you're done.


Navigon also put there Apps on Sale! Get the Navigon Mobile Navigator North America App here from the NAVIGON

If you don't need the whole country (or you live/travel in a different country, check out their cheaper My Region Series and their other Apps here NAVIGON

The competition between all of these apps has been great and as result we (the consumers) just keep winning.


WordPress for iPhone 2.2 Adds Better Commenting

The latest version of the WordPress for iPhone app, 2.2 has been approved into the App Store and can now be downloaded. New in this upgrade are mainly three new features.

  • Reply to comments
  • Edit Comments
  • Highlighting new items in the comment list

These new comment moderation items should make the commenting section in the app much more useful.