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Weather Channel Update for The iPhone

Just recently my absolute favorite App for weather on the iPhone got a complete overhaul. The Weather Channel is the official App from I’ve been using it for two years or so now, and with this update It’s just that much better! In version 5.0 the UI is completely revamped. Adding swipe between locations, a find me now button, and much more!

What’s Changed


Like I said, the UI has been completely overhauled including the start-up screen, background images, saved location interaction, location searching, Social media interaction, and more.  The first thing that I noticed when I launched the App for the first time after the update was the bright background screen. The splash screen is now a beautiful photo of a sunny day with some thin clouds. Once your location loads, the background will switch to represent the current weather being displayed. Along with the new backgrounds the update brings a new swiping interface to quickly switch between your favorite locations.  When in “weather” mode a simple swipe left or right will take you between your saved locations seamlessly and quickly. While we’re talking about locations, you’ll find a new feature in the location search section; a “find my current location” button. The Weather Channel App will use your current location to find the most accurate, up to date weather for that area.  Are you into tweeting about your weather? Yeah me either, but in case you are, there is a section for that built right in! Of course you still have your maps and video section, but not much has changed in either of those. Luckily, they were pretty good to begin with.  Probably the biggest improvement that I’ve noticed is the speed of the App. Without a doubt, the great developers over at TWC have improved things under the hood of this App because it feels a LOT faster. Faster to load, faster to switch between sections, and faster to load maps.

The Bottom Line

This App update has been a huge improvement. Not only on the UI side, but in the speed department. My only complaint would be that they only updated the iPhone App and not the iPad version. I can’t recommend this App enough, and at the great price of FREE, you can’t go wrong!


Get The Weather Channel App for the iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes


The Weather Channel

If you're like me the first time that you fired up the weather App on your iPhone or iPad you were left wanting a little more. Sure, the built in App shows you the temperature outside and the 7 day forecast but it shows little else. I wanted to see more. I wanted the ability to see the hour by hour, radar maps and more. Unfortunately the App that comes standard doesn't do any of that. I went searching and found the iOS companion for my favorite weather website, This App keeps up the standard of the website and more!

The Usual Suspects

Just like the Weather App that's built in to iOS, The Weather Channel shows you the current temperature outside as well as the next 10 days. These are the things that you would expect from a weather App and TWC doesn't disappoint.


The Extras

Features that TWC offers beyond the built in App are numerous. My favorite feature is the bar at the bottom of the screen allowing you to switch between "Now, Hourly, 36 Hour, and 10 day".  These are all different views of the weather showing their respective information. Another of the features that I find really useful is the "Map" section. Under this tab is the radar maps like you find on the desktop version of The Weather Channel. I use the Maps quite a bit and it was one of the features that I looked for when I searched for a weather App.

A Few More

Also housed within TWC are settings for social media allowing you to see tweets about local weather. There are videos to watch including content from your local area, the world, all of the U.S. and "must see" video clips.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a free, full featured App that provides just about any option that you could want from a weather App in an easy to use package, TWC is for you.



You can get The Weather Channel for the iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes
You can get The Weather Channel for the iPad from tehe iTunes store for free here: iTunes